The Most Famous Bank Robbery in US History


In our day and age, banks have more advanced security systems compared to generations before.

There have been many bank robberies all throughout our history and some may have been attempted robberies while others were successful at the task.

A bank robbery is the actual crime of stealing from a bank while there are bank employees and other people around.

The robber usually uses force, threat of violence and actual violence to steal from the bank.

In the history of the United States alone, there have been over thousands and thousands of bank robberies every couple years. But with all the bank robberies happening in the US, what is the most famous bank robbery in history?

The culprits

With the intensive research done, since there are many robberies that have claimed to be the most famous bank robbery in history, one specific robbery appeared in most of the searches.

The Great Brink’s Robbery is one of the most famous bank robbery in US history. This was an armed robbery of the Brink’s Building at the corner of Commercial St. and Prince St at the North End of Boston, Massachusetts.

It happened on January 17, 1950. An estimated $1,218,211.29 in cash and $1,557,183,83 in money order, checks and other securities were reported to be stolen during one of the most famous bank robbery in history.

It is considered to be the largest robbery in the history of the entire United States.

The Most Famous Bank Robbery in US History

Most talked about robbery in history

The robbery went on to be very successful because it was skilfully planned out with only a few clues left at the crime scene. It was also said to be “the crime of the century” during its time.

Many individuals would probably remember hearing about this bank robbery or have heard stories about it since it is quite famous. The robbery was done by an eleven member gang. They were all arrested later on.

The originator of this heist was Joseph “Big Joe” McGinnis who was almost known as Joseph “Specs” O’Keefe. Involved in the gang were also individuals named, Stanley “Gus” Gusciora and also Atonia “Fat” Pino.

Two of the members secretly entered the Brink’s depot and they used an ice pick to pick the outside lock.

They asked a locksmith to duplicate keys for them so they can use it to get in when they plan to enter. They then recruited seven other members, the brother-in-law of Pino, Vincent Costa, Thomas Francis Richardson, Michael Vincent “Vinnie” Geagon, Henry Baker, Adolph “Jazz” Maffie, Joseph “Barney” Banfield and James Faherty.

They then all studied the bank schedules and planned for the best time for their plan. They would practice runs when everybody at the bank had left for a smooth transition of events. The gang had planned for the perfect timing and planned for two years.

media frenzyOn January 17, 1950, the gang finally decided to go on with their heist after six aborted attempts. The gang wore a uniform that was similar to the Brink’s uniform and also wore Halloween masks, gloves and rubber shoes.

The driver Banfield and Pino stayed in the getaway car while the other men entered at 6:55PM. At 7:30PM they finished and took whatever they could . The members then went on separate ways to plan out their alibis.

What Do I Think ?

Even with the success of their plan, all were caught during different time periods. Eight of the members received a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Only $58,000 was returned out of the $2.7 million stolen, making this one of the most famous bank robbery in history.

The Most Expensive Coffee In The World


One of the most loved beverages in the whole world is coffee. People look forward to drinking coffee when they wake up in the morning, spend their break time in the workplace and even after a sumptuous meal.

This is one of the most addictive beverages that can be prepared at home or simply bought from the coffee shop.

In this section, you will be given an idea about the most expensive cup of joe in the whole world. If you are thinking about Starbucks, you have to think again because you are wrong.

The most expensive coffee in the world can be found in Indonesia; it is called Kopi Luwak. This is the name that is given to the product itself and it is also the name that is being used as its brand.

It can be bought at a retail price of 700 USD per kilogram. The process of making it is considered to be the reason why this is the most expensive and it is also one of the tastiest coffees.

The process of producing this type is something that is not really conventional.

This is something that is unique and exceptional. There are two different aspects of the making process, the selection and the digestion.

From the tree, it is not really being picked or pulled out by the people. There is a special process in the production of itthat involves the Asian Palm Civet.

This animal will be eating it from the tree and the excreted coffee will be the one that will be gathered by the producers.

The Most Expensive Coffee In The World

The Expensive Coffee from Indonesia

The process sounds unconventional but it is the best way to produce this coffee. According to the producers, the Asian Palm Civet is helping in the selection of the best cup of joe from the tree.

They are just eating those with the best quality.

It will then be digested but it will still be excreted without any damage made in it. The digestion is a very important part of the process.

The fermentation takes place during this time and the beans will be absorbing the proteolytic enzyme from the civet. This process will also help increase the amino acid that it contains.

Traditional farming started in the 18th century in Indonesia. During this time in the history, the farmers were not allowed to pick coffee from the tree for their consumption.

This is one of the actions of the Dutch when they colonized the areas of java and Sumatra. With this occurrence, the farmers made a way to have a taste from the coffee that they planted by tracking the Luwak or the Asian Palm Civet when they learned that this animal is eating the it without fully digesting it.

The farmers collected the droppings of the animals and they found out that it is way better than those that came straight from the tree.

With the very rare process of the making of Kopi Luwak, this is then became the most expensive coffee in the whole world.

The Most Expensive Pair of Shoes in the World


Shoes are something that we wear every day in order to protect our feet. Shoes are also known for the heavy duty work purposes or they can simply be used for fashion and style.

Shoes are definitely in need since there are some areas that won’t allow you to enter if you’re only wearing slippers or sandals. Shoes can be very cheap or very expensive at the same time.

The expensive ones usually carry a brand name or designer-made. Since everything can have room for development, there are also shoes that are extremely expensive in terms of their price.

They may not be accessible and available for everyone but the prices for these shoes are insane and downright unbelievable.

Since 2006 the most expensive pair of shoes so far is Stuart Weitzman’s Rita Hayworth Heels. These shoes are priced at $3 million and that alone is a price not many people would want to pay for a pair of women’s shoes.

Creator and Wearer

The creator of this shoe was Stuart Weitzman. Stuart is a designer for an international shoe design company named under him.

Stuart was the son of Seymour Weitzman who owned a shoe factory back in 1950 located in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Even in 1960’s, Stuart was already designing shoes for his father’s brand named Mr. Seymour.

In 1965 after Seymour Weitzman died, Stuart and his brother Warren took over the company but sold it in 1972.

Stuart remained as a designer for the company and bought it back in 1994.

Stuart Weitzman

Seymour had his first noted pair of shoes in 2002 as he designed a $1 million one of a kind pair to one of the Oscar nominated celebrities.

In 2006 was where he had his breakthrough with his Stuart Weitzman’s Rita Hayworth Heels worn by singer Kathleen York.

In 2007, Stuart offered actress Diablo Cody to wear another one of his creations but Diablo humbly declined it.

The $3 Million Pair of Shoes

Kathleen York who wore the shoes was a successful screenwriter and Oscar nominated songwriter and recording artist. She had worked with a few musical tracks related to several Emmy Award winning series.

Perhaps her most successful work was the song In the Deep for the movie Crash. She wore the expensive shoe back in the 2006 Oscar Awards where she was nominated for the same work.

Shoe Details

These shoes were named after the late Rita Hayworth who was a dancer actress back in the early 1920’s until her death in 1987. The shoes are design in a simple way in which they appear as a satin open toe stiletto.

The shoe’s centerpieces are made up of various gemstones. The gemstones would include rubies, sapphires and diamonds. The gemstones belonged to several of Rita Hayworth’s earrings which she handed down to her daughter Princess Yasmin Aga Khan.

The shoe is also made up of two large 16 carat tanzanites that are hanging from the ankle straps along with shiny silver leather material.

What Do I Think ?

The shoe has been branded by experts and several publicists as the most expensive pair as of today. Despite the shoes being 7 years old, the title of most expensive shoes has yet to be replaced even with some of Stuart Weitzman’s recent works.

The Most Number of Hashtag Tweets in 24 Hours In The World


Love stories, television entertainment, and social media are three of the common things most people love to do on their free time. Good thing these three are quite easy to reach and access nowadays.

They have evolved so much over time that sometimes, these three are one thing as well. That only triples its entertainment capabilities which would definitely sell to the masses.

Take all that and add the hashtag option on social media. If you don’t know what it is, adding a hashtag before a word can link that word to a trend on the internet.

That’s what all those sharp signs mean and apparently, that is where many people, ideas, photos, and videos are popularized.


The hashtag option has well sensationalized social media even more. Hashtag users get to join a discussion, trend and everything else that a hashtag serves for.

For the major social media platform Twitter, users are like given the real-time knowledge on what is in and what are the latest. Pretty cool, huh?

Celebrities, organizations and other well-known groups use the hashtag option to spread information or publicity.

It’s a battle of who gets the most number of hashtags which in turn also means the most popular on Twitter, at least for that time being.

So out of all the trends and latest stuff on social media, which one was it that gained the title of the most number of hashtag tweets in 24 hours?

The Most Number of Hashtag Tweets in 24 Hours In The World


The Philippines is among the countries with the most number of Twitter users and a good chunk of those who join in online conversations and trends.

This is why it is not surprising when the most number of hashtag tweets in 24 hours also came from them, with the topic being an on-screen love story between two young adults and it has gained media attention and publicity well.

It also helped that the said on-screen love story can be viewed daily during lunch time, when most people are on their lunch breaks and are looking for a little dose of entertainment.

Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza – hence “Aldub” – has gained a lot of media attention with their unique, shy and traditional courtship where all the said courtship happens on-screen.

The whole thing is shown in a popular noontime show in the country where the two don’t really get to see each other face to face. The publicity buildup, plus the chemistry, has eventually gained a lot of followers.

So when the time came for them to finally meet in person, #ALDubEBTamangPanahon which alternatively means “meeting at the perfect moment” was tweeted more than 41 million timesthe most number of tweets any hashtag has ever gone before.

What Do I Think ?

It’s amazing to think how a strictly 140-word internet platform can create such huge movements among many people from different parts of the world – people who may not even know each other.

That, and of course, the fact that we are all given the power to join a movement, make a change and be part of something bigger (regardless of the cause) through the tips of our fingers.

The Smallest Flowering Plant in the World


Flowers are wonderful creations scattered everywhere. They are produced by flowering plants which are known to be as the most diverse group of land plants.  These are found to be beneficial to the environment and mankind.

Other than being responsible for the reproduction and promulgation of plants and crops, flowers and the plant itself also serve an essential role in filtering the air by removing the traces of carbon dioxide and toxins.

Landscapes are enhanced by the bright and colourful blossoming patterns that are created by the plant’s leaves and flowers. This adds beauty and appeal to the wonderful and refreshing ambiance of the garden.

Flowering plants are also a possible source of food. More people are using them for cooking purposes. Many flowers are also used for medicinal purposes due to their composition that helps in easing pain and aches.

The smallest flowering plant in the world is the Wolffia globosa, also known as the watermeal. The name water-meal was derived from the looks and the feel of the plant which is comparable to a small and mealy particle in the water. 

This is one of the duckweeds that is included to some 38 species of the smallest and the simplest flowering plants belonging to the plant family Lemnaceae.

Water-meals are oval shaped plants with striking bright green colours. The plant itself has an average dimension of 1/42 inches long and 1/85 inches wide.

The Smallest Flowering Plant in the World

This is comparable to the size of a single piece of a candy-coloured sprinkle that is placed on top of the donuts.

It can weigh at approximately 1/190,000 of an ounce which is more or less equivalent to two grains of table salt.

These flowering plants are so difficult to see. One would need approximately 5,000 pieces of these plants to fill a single thimble. However, since these plants grow in colonies, they may look like algae spreading across the water.

More detailed studies showed that this flowering plant is consist of only a single pistil and a single stamen. This plant produces the smallest fruit in the world which is known as the utricle.

The plant has no stem, leaves or even roots.  The plants’ absence of the roots allow for the easy and freely floating on the surface of the water where they can resemble corn meals.

These plants are commonly found in quiet freshwater lakes or marshes worldwide. They are known to have the fastest or most rapid rate when it comes to vegetative reproduction, thus it can completely cover a pond in just a few weeks time.

Due to its easy and fast propagation, watermeal is sometimes used in cold water aquaria.

The Wolffia globosa or watermeal is said to be highly nutritious. It serves as foods for fish and waterfowls in nature. Moreover, it is occasionally cultivated for uses such as livestock use as feeds and even human cuisine as a vegetable.

What Do I think ?

Imagine the difficulty in trying to view the smallest flowering plant in the world, Wolffia globosa. Thanks to the advancements in the technology.

With these innovations, more and more wonders are being discovered. These new discoveries only prove that the world is truly blessed with many natural resources waiting to be uncovered.

The Strongest Coffee In The World


Coffee is a well known, staple beverage for majority of adults and teens. This statement is well supported by the fact that you can see a coffee shop at almost every corner of every street that you go to.

People drink coffee more than just to boost the energy.

People drink coffee to hang out, to talk, to do business meetings, to spend time with your partner – like we said, it’s a staple beverage.

While most coffee shops compete on selling the tastiest coffee, and at a fair price as you may know, one particular coffee company takes this staple beverage to a whole new level.

A level that screams they are not the tastiest, not the most expensive or the cheapest, but the strongest coffee in the world. Strong enough for them to claim that this coffee is can “wake up the dead” (their words, not mine).

Death Wish Coffee is hailed as the world’s strongest coffee that is brewed with the strongest combination of coffee beans known as “Robusta” and an intricate process of roasting fills up a cup with 200 percent more caffeine than “Arabica”, the coffee bean used in most coffees.

This coffee is too strong that ads and flyers include large warning signs on them and bewares drinkers who are not caffeine-induced enough to try its force.

The Death Wish Coffee Company boasts of a careful and intricate way of roasting the coffee to give you that perfect blend of the strongest cup of brew in the planet.

The Strongest Coffee In The World

Death Wish Coffee

They say that if you wish to stay awake in the next 3 days or so, this is your perfect choice.

A regular cup of coffee contains 217mg of caffeine. Since Death Wish contains 200 percent more, you are more or less getting 651mg of caffeine ingested in your body in one cup.

A special set of brewing instructions is given to consumers so that they can get the perfect blend as advertised. The recommended ratio is 2 ½ tablespoons of coffee to a 6 fl. oz. water.

As it is repeatedly emphasized in the covers and ads, only those with strong caffeine tolerance should brave the spew of this potent brew.

Death Wish Coffee comes in several varieties that you can choose from, depending on your taste in coffee.

There the original blend, the K-Cup brewers on single serve capsules, the Valhalla Java Odinforce Blend and single serve Odinforce blends.

In a comparison made with other popular coffee brands based on caffeine contents per cup, McDonald’s contain 9.1 mg per fl. oz; Starbucks has 20.6 mg per fl. oz; and our Death Wish Coffee contains 54.2 mg per fl. oz. That comparison alone should give you the picture.

What Do I Think ?

You’ve heard about amusement park rides and horror rooms that are not for the faint of heart, but we bet this is the first time you’ve read about a coffee that is the same.

Death Wish Coffee, for those with heart problems or have low caffeine tolerance, is exactly that: a death wish. Care for a cup?

The Biggest Bank Heist in The World


A bank robbery is a grave criminal offense that can merit an offender years of jail time. Everyone knows that robbery is a crime. People invest and save their money in the bank and robbery is taking money from these people, despite insurance claims.

A lot of criminals have already been put to justice that they may not continue with their evil ways anymore.

Nevertheless, we see many cases of robberies, successful and unsuccessful; happen all the time in many parts of the world.

In these cases, lives are sometimes lost and innocent individuals can get traumatized for life. Even as we put our trust in the authorities, there are unavoidable circumstances that can lead to a successful bank robbery, especially if these cases are well planned out and systematically studied for a while.

Robbers who don’t get caught? Well, they just become richer.

Bank Heists

If you have not witnessed an actual bank heists, you have probably seen one of those in movies.

It can happen in two ways – (1) a robbery that involves guns, hostages and violence, and (2) a robbery that involves intricate system hacking that does not include violence and only includes a set of tricky computer codes to transfer money from the bank to a bank account.

Either way, bank robbery is a federal crime and it is simply not right to steal other people’s money or possession.

Bank robbery is a crime in all parts of the world and basically, it is being done on almost the same mechanics. Guns, weapons, big and scary men on masks, hostage takings, etc.

It may seem like a scene from a movie but these things actually happen in real life, just like the one that happened in Banco Central in Fortaleza, Brazil.

The Biggest Bank Heist in The World

Biggest Bank Heist in History

The biggest banking heist in history happened in that very bank which is the central bank of Brazil.

Although it did not include guns or weapons and it certainly did not end in a police chase that much happens in a movie, the heist included an intricate amount of planning, executing and smart brains working together just like Ocean’s Eleven.

A gang of 6 – 10 robbers who were once a private landscaping company decided it was high time to get to the big money.

They dug a 256 ft long tunnel below the street, broke through the concrete in the bank, and stole $69.8 million on the weekend of August 6, 2005. If this was not a crime, it would be pretty impressive.

What Do I Think ?

Bank heist is a crime that serves the purpose of selfish minds only. As far as “money is the root of all evil” is concerned, this is an extremely evil crime against the bank, the authorities, the government and the innocent people who work hard to build up their bank and savings account.

We can only hope not to see any more bank robberies in the future. Should there be evil lurking around, we can also only hope that they get caught before they can play out their plans.

The Most Expensive Breed of Dog In The World


They say that dogs are a man’s best friend. In a lot more ways, dogs have always proven this statement to be true.

In fact, your pet dog is the only one in your life who will love you more than they love themselves. It’s a sweet and inspiring thought.

There are many dog lovers and breeders around the world. Some breed dogs professionally or they study about dogs specifically (other than a vet) and would sign up their healthy and well-looking pets in pet fashion shows.

Others have a dog at home as a regular part of the family who goes on vacations with them and plays with the kids every morning and afternoon. We all have our reasons for having these loving pets in our lives.

Although some pets may be given to you, when you plan to add a dog in your home, in most cases they are bought from pet shops or adopted from the shelter.

Prices would range from the breed of dog that you choose. Some may play around the minimum and regular prices. Other breeds, however, have higher prices than the others.

There are different factors as to determine the price of a breed and around the world, there are many pricey dog breeds.

The Most Expensive Breed of Dog In The World

Tibetan Mastiff

A Tibetan Mastiff is a breed of dog that originated in the nomadic cultures of India, China, Mongolia, Tibet and Nepal.

This breed of dogs was originally bred to guard the sheep from predators such as leopards, wolves, bears and tigers. The Tibetan Mastiff can grow up to 83 cm and up to 160 lbs.

To add to their size is their big and fluffy hair which makes them appear bigger – the perfect size to protect the herd and scare away big predators as well.

Fluffy on the outside, tough and strong on the inside, the Tibetan Mastiff breed has earned its reputation on the guard dogs department.

Although there are many other competition in being a guard dog, the Tibetan Mastiff breed has been the most sought off breed of dog in the recent years. This started when it was sold and bought at a staggering price, putting it on top of the list of the most expensive dog breed.

Being tagged as the world’s most expensive dog breed has a reputation to maintain, and the Tibetan Mastiff has maintained it well.

With the latest most expensive dog sold in a luxury pet auction in China, one Tibetan Mastiff was sold at an astounding $1.6 million.

Other pets of the same breed were recorded to have been sold at $970,000 and $600,000.

What Do I Think ?

Regardless of their breed or price, adding a dog in your life is generally a good thing – as long as it does not present any health hazard. Dogs are sweet and loyal. They become a part of your family and they are the first ones to get excited when you get home from a long day outside.

Dogs are a good stress reliever and at the same time, it helps you develop your responsibility. Play dogs or guard dogs, they become a part of your life and your heart.

The Most Expensive Chess Set In The World


Pawns protecting the officials. Officials protecting the queen and king. The queen, strong and powerful, does her best to protect the king.

All together, they work hard to conquer far and equally powerful lands to become the champion of this intellectual and brain-teasing board game.

Chess is more than just a game. It’s a love story put into small pieces and a quadrant board where soldiers and knights fight for their lives and for glory.

It is probably the reason why many people enjoy playing chess, so much so that many of them can go a whole day sitting in front of a chess board.

Chess History

Chess is a popular board game that has been around for centuries, despite the changes in structure and design.

It is believed to have originated in India in the 7th century, but was standardized and the rules finalized in the 19th century.

Since then, the game has been popularized all over the world and is played in many tournaments. Chess boards ranging from very small pieces to life-size statues, many people enjoy this game as a mind-tickling pastime.

Although the game and the rules are the same, it is on the design that the game varies. There are many designs of chess boards – colors, sizes, materials used and other trinkets that any creative mind could add.

Because of this, the price of each set may also vary. There are cheap sets; there are expensive sets; and then there are the luxurious sets that are bought by collectors to be more of a collector’s item.

Is the most expensive chess set extremely “expensive”? Well, here’s how much it costs.

The Most Expensive Chess Set

Gold, diamonds, pearls, sapphires and rubies are only the ingredients used to make the world’s most expensive chess set – The Jewel Royale Chess Set which costs a staggering $9.8 million.

Manufactured in Great Britain in 2005, this luxurious (and that is an understatement) chess set was made by the jewelry company named Boodles.

The chess set is made of solid gold and platinum. It is gem studded and features diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. It also has black pearls and white pearls on some of the pieces.

To sum up, the entire chess set is made up of 73 rubies, 146 sapphires and 748 diamonds.

Each piece of this eye-boggling set has a gem-studded spiral body which is held by a 16 karat yellow gold.

Inlayed in the gold lining are diamonds. The king piece alone is worth $100,000. It weighs 165.2 grams and is the largest piece in the set.

The price and design may vary, but the rules of the game are the same. You protect the king above anything, or you die trying (well, the pieces do).

Bottom Line

Chess is both an exciting and intellectual game that can keep you and your opponent occupied for hours on end. One thing is for sure – regardless of the design and price of the chess set, winning a game is like winning your own medieval battle.

The Longest Running TV Series In The World


From the time television was invented and introduced to the public, it has become the most powerful medium of communication for the general masses.

Even with social media and the internet, television sits high in the ranks of mass communication media as it is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to disseminate information.

Entertainment is one of the most boasted feature of television. When it comes to entertainment, nothing catches the hearts of many viewers more than watching series.

Many people follow TV series as a form of routine. They enjoy following the lives of the characters and playing the game of predicting the storyline. But most of all, watching these TV series is also a form of escape from the daily life.

This is why most people prefer long running television series. As it becomes a part of their daily routine, these series also become a part of the household.

The Longest Running TV Series In The World

The Simpsons

Springfield might as well be a real city (although there is one in Illinois), because The Simpsons family and friends have grown their roots in that little town and in many homes around the world.

This long running American animated sitcom series has been on air since the year 1989.

Running on its 27th season, The Simpsons is hailed as the longest running television series in the history of television series. With 596 episodes to date, this animated sitcom has tickled the hearts and minds of its many viewers and has become a part of many people’s regular lives.

Hats off to the executive producers of this successful television series: Al Jean, John Frink, Matt Groening, James L. Brooks, Sam Simon and Matt Selman.

The plot revolves around the Simpsons family, a regular middle-class American family who lives in a fictional American town. The series is known to depict satirical life of the modern working class.

What makes the series even more entertaining is because they guest some of the most popular stars and personalities – in animated form, of course.

Like your real people TV series, The Simpsons also have their constant actors and actresses, guests and those who somehow “extend” their contract in playing a role in the show.

The Simpsons Family

The story revolves around Homer Simpson and his family who lives a regular life in Springfield. Among the main characters are:

  • Homer Simpson
  • Marge Simpson – Bart’s wife
  • Bart Simpson – the oldest child of Homer and Marge
  • Lisa Simpson – the middle child of the Simpson family
  • Maggie Simpson – the youngest child of the Simpson family

There have also been and continues to have quite a number of secondary and tertiary characters that stay or come and go in The Simpsons.

There are many other television series that you are probably hooked on and you silently pray to the gods of entertainment to renew the seasons of these shows.

What Do I Think ?

As for Homer and the rest of The Simpsons family and cast, their antics and eye-opening realizations will be a big influence of today’s generations. We can only hope that the producers keep on producing more episodes and seasons.