The Oldest Hindu Temple in the World


Hindu temples have been around for many, many years because it is a place of worship for the followers of Hinduism. Also known as a “Mandiram,” most temples are situated in the presence of statues or “murtis” of the Hindu deity to whom the temple is dedicated. Some of these structures may be dedicated to one deity, while others could have several deities. Most of them are located on key geographical points such as near waterfalls, caves, rivers, and hilltops, which according to Hinduism, those places are worship places and make it easier to contemplate with God.

Although there are several out there, it is said that the Mundeshwari Devi Temple located in the state of Bihar in India is the oldest Hindu temple on earth.

This specific one is dated back to 108 AD and sited in a solitary place in the Mundeshwari Hills in Kaura in the Kaimur district. Based on the stone inscriptions, it is claimed to be the oldest functional house of worship in all of India.

Until now, there are a large number of pilgrims that visit these religious structures each year especially during the Ramnavami, Shivaratri festivals. The Mundeshwari Devi Temple has historical and archaeological importance since it is the Hindu place of worship.  This specific temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Shakti and is said to be an ancient temple.

The inscriptions were studied by the Archaeological Survey of India and they said that the temple was built in 108 AD and some historians claim that it was built in the Shaka Era during the rule of the Gupta Empire in India.

Today, The Archaeological Survey of India maintains it and claims it to be the oldest Hindu temple on the planet today.

The Mundeshwari Devi Temple is built out of stone, on an octagonal plan. This is one of the earliest specimens of the Nagara style of architecture in Bihar. On all four sides, there are doors or windows. There are also small niches for the reception of statues in all the remaining four walls. There are carved images of Dwarapalas, Ganga, Yamuna, and many other Hindu deities at the entrance of it. But the main is Lord Shiva Lingam and the Goddess Mundeshwari.

Although the Shiva linga is in the center of the sanctum, the main presiding deity is Devi Mundeshwari which can be seen with ten hands holding symbols and riding a buffalo and is attributed to Mahishasuramardini.

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To this day and age, the Mundeshwari Devi Temple still stands and is still functional. It is historically, archaeologically, and spiritually amazing and will hold the title of the oldest Hindu temple in the world for many other generations to come.

The Richest Oil Country in the World


One of the best things about oil countries is the fact that they are the ones that are considered to be the richest. In this section, you will find different information about how rich Russia is when it comes to this element. This country is considered to be the largest contributor to it in the whole world. Many years ago, Russia has already proven to have a large oil reserve and until today, it is still one of the best sources of oil.

With this, it is indeed true that Russia is the richest oil country in the world.

In the year 2005, an estimated amount of 4.7 billion barrels of oil is found to exist in Eastern Siberia. The Russian Ministry of Natural Resources found out about this information. Russia is called the Big Bear and it is said that it is now able to gain a strong name in this industry in the 21st century.

When it is still part of the Soviet Union, this industry in this country is found to be at its peak. After this magnificent era, its economy suddenly went down but the great status that it has in the industry of oil made it another great country again.

After the petroleum market became stagnant because it suddenly fell during the collapse of the great Soviet Union, Russia was able to rebound in just a few years.

This country has proven its value in the petroleum market when it was able to produce 12.5 million barrels of oil in just a day. This was recorded in 1988. However, there were changes in the 90s.

The volume of the oil that was being produced has dramatically fallen to 6 million barrels every day. In the late 1990s, they decided to privatize the said industry. This became a great reason for it to be revived again.

There are other parts of Western Siberia where there is reserved fuel that is believed to be hidden until today. During the study conducted in 2011, it is found that Russia was able to produce oil that is almost 10,540,000 barrels per day.

With this, it was able to gain the post for the largest producer of petroleum in the whole world. With the continuous growth in production, it is expected that they will be able to advance in this type of industry in the coming years with the help of technology.

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Aside from the decision of privatization, one of the best things that Russia did, in order to make sure that they will be able to gain more power in this type of industry, is to turn to different technological advancements that can make the processes easier. The largest when it comes to the fuel reserves are coming from the Western Siberian part. Russia may seem to be quiet compared to some of the oil-rich countries such as Saudi Arabia but it is giving the largest percent in the world’s oil reserve.

The Longest Living Organism in the World


The cycle of life and death extends not only to humans and plants but to animals as well. Some organisms tend to have a lifespan similar to humans while others only have a lifespan of up to 48 hours and others can live up to a hundred years. Sea turtles can live up to a hundred years while the mayfly can only live from a few hours up to a week.

Each animal and organism have a different lifespan and all of them contribute to the ecology of the animal and plant kingdom. Some have a shorter life due to disease, death, or becoming food to another organism. This cycle of life and death will continue.

But, there is one organism that is exempted from this brutal cycle. This organism itself can live freely as long as it does not get eaten. This means that this one organism can live forever or as long as it takes. Find out which is the longest living organism in the world.

The longest living organism can live eternally if it wants to. This is because it is deemed as the immortal organism. The immortal jellyfish is the longest living organism as long as it does not fall victim to its predators.

It is a species of small jellyfish that is commonly found in the Mediterranean and in the coastal waters of Japan. The organism is unique in terms of its life cycle hence it is called the immortal jellyfish.

The organism is capable of reverting itself to its colonial stage after it has reached its sexual maturity. This means that the immortal jellyfish can go back to being a baby when it reaches adulthood and can repeat its cycle over and over until it gets eaten by its predator. Once the jellyfish reaches the height of sexual maturity, it then reverts back to its polyps stage and begins another life.

The Immortal Jellyfish begin their life as tiny larvae called planula. It then swims around freely into a colony of polyps that belongs to the same species.

Once they reach their jellyfish state, they become sexually mature and the process of reversion begins. All of the polyps and jellyfish inside a colony are genetically identical clones as well. This means that they are simply carbon copies of each other.

In theory, the process of reverting back to its baby stage can go on forever. But, most of the time the jellyfish would either fall victim to disease long before they reach adulthood or become prey to predators.

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This method of immortality has inspired scientists to seek out methods of extracting such ability to revert back to its early stage in life. This has led to different studies on how to make stem cells use this kind of process in order to renew damaged or dead tissues in human bodies. It won’t be long before someone is able to breakthrough and use it to cure different diseases as well as live forever.

The Most Famous Sculpture in the World


Sculptures have already been a part of the world of art during the ancient time. The most famous works of sculpture are created many years ago. In this section, you will find the most famous sculpture in the world.

Moai is considered to be the number one sculpture in the list of the most famous ones.

It can be found on an island in the Polynesian. This is part of Easter Island and it is believed that these carvings or sculptures were created in the middle of the years 1250 and 1500. There are different sizes of Moai; with the number of sculptured materials that were created, it is very easy for people to create comparison on the sizes of these works of art.

According to people who have been studying these artistic rocks that are erected on a certain island, they were able to find that the tallest among them is a 10-meter one, which weighs 82 tons. The ancient people who have been working on these large pieces of sculpture are known as the Rapa Nui people.

There are many Moai that were found on the island and a lot of these were already taken and transferred in stone platforms on the same island. According to history, the Europeans who visited the island before were the ones who have discovered the Moai.

If you are looking for a great way to describe this type of sculpture, it is considered monolithic and they have used minimalist style in forming them. It is characterized by the dominant face that is largely portrayed and the lips that are exaggeratedly protruding.

The ears can be done in an elongated form or oblong. There are those Moai that are created with a body structure that is normally as large as the head and there are also those that are only built in order to feature only the big head.

According to the history of the Polynesians, the Moai are created in order to represent the ancestors of the people who have already died. Aside from that, these are also created in order to represent the most important people in the place who have already passed away.

Those that were completed by the people who created them were already moved to the shore. It is not really easy to transport this type of artifact because it is heavy and it is created from carved rocks.

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Archeologists that were led by William Mulloy have made a great effort in order to preserve these very important sculptures that are already part of human history. They started by looking at the way it was transported and produced. With this, UNESCO included the place where Moai can be found as a World Heritage site. In 1972, many groups have been going in and out of the place in order to document and study the existence of the Moai. This is the reason why the group protecting this site is very strict about how the tourists treat the Moai. One person who tried to get a piece of the art was fined and banned for several years from coming to the island.

The Biggest Pet Spa in the World


After a week of stress and tiring work, most of the people wanted to spend at least a day or two to relax and unwind, some would go to see a movie, some would prefer a quiet and relaxing resort where everything they need from food, drinks, massage, clean air, and pampering are.  For sure a lot of people have pets at home, and there are people who love their pets so much that they even give them the same relaxation and pampering as their beloved companion.

No matter how expensive as long as their beloved animal is well-groomed and away from stress and bad habits, they would go for it. Some pet spa offers grooming services then all then they will go to another place to enroll their companions for training.

So here’s a pet spa that will give the companions everything they need to pamper themselves.  Below is the biggest pet health resort in the world that will surely make each companion lover dream of bringing their companions to. 

As of 2012, American Pet Spa and Resort was noted to be the biggest pet pampering facility in the world.

Owners Marty Polasko and Bob Williams based the development of their business on extensive attention that an animal could get from its owner who gives their loved animals extra love.

The facility is not just an ordinary pet spa but a resort just for pets. They offer a beach entrance doggie swimming pool for $99.99 for 10 swimming sessions. The facility is surrounded by nature and each dog room has a satellite TV in it plus climate control that can be set according to your companion’s natural temperature adjustment.

Daily recreational animal activities are conducted by certified professional dog trainers on-site as well as the animal groomers. They also have a pet boarding facility where you can choose either a small 4×4 bunk, 4×6 large bunk, or 8×8 luxury suite which is the most expensive. Each of these loved animals will have their personal bathing and grooming needs and their own private staff to take care of everything from bathing to grooming.

The Grooming service includes Shampooing, Conditioning, complete drying and brushing, nail cutting, ear cleaning, and applying pet cologne. Training of your companions will be conducted by a certified dog trainer and in house staff, Judy Estes certified by Animal Behavior College.

American Pet Spa and Resort has also been voted as the best place for dog grooming and boarding by the readers of News Connection because of their state of the art facility.

The best part of bringing your beloved animal to an American pet health resort is that the whole place is almost like a large ranch and the facilities are in different buildings. It is also surrounded by nature so it is more relaxing while watching your beloved pet enjoy the services.

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And of course, pampering the pets is a little expensive compared to human spa and resorts so if a person loves his pet that much and he can afford it, then there is nothing wrong with giving the pet the best pampering service that the both of them will never forget.

The Most Haunted Hospital in America


All across America, there are several haunted hospitals that claim to be the scariest places on Earth. Many individuals have told their stories about their ghost encounters, ghostly photographs, videos, and unexplained phenomenon. For hospitals, this is no surprise, since almost every single day, a person takes their last breathe in some hospital somewhere. It could be possible that these hospitals have many souls still lurking within those facilities and have no idea which way to go.

You might know of a few hospitals across America that are haunted. But do you have any idea which is famously known for being the most haunted hospital in America? If you want to find out, continue reading this article so you yourself could visit this spooky attraction too.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium located in Louisville (Jefferson County), Kentucky is considered the most haunted hospital in America.

What exactly is a sanatorium? This is a different word that describes a medical establishment for individuals with long-term illnesses, typically associated with the treatment of tuberculosis. This facility opened back in 1910 and was a two-story hospital that could fit around 400 tuberculosis patients.

Early in the 1900s, Jefferson County had an outbreak of TB, also known as the “White Plague” which prompted the building of this hospital. The hospital then closed down in 1962 because of the use of an antibiotic drug called streptomycin that lowered the demand for Waverly Hills.

This sanatorium is famous for being the most haunted hospital in America and has been on television for the paranormal occurrences there. It has been featured on several television shows such as Ghost Adventures, VH1’s Celebrity Paranormal Project, Ghost Hunters, Scariest Places on Earth, and many others. The land that Waverly Hills is on was bought by Major Thomas H. Hars back in 1883 as a family home. Since Mr. Hays wanted his daughters to go to a school near, he opened a local school for them to attend. He then hired Lizzie Lee Harris as their teacher. Miss Harris was always fond of Walter Scott’s Waverley novels that she named the schoolhouse Waverley School.

Major Hays also liked the peaceful name that he named the entire property Waverly Hills. When the hospital was being built, the Board of Tuberculosis kept the name and there has always been a variation in the spelling of Waverly (“Waverley”).

There are a number of myths from this creepy sanatorium, one being the myth about a nurse that was either murdered or committed suicide in Room 502. When investigated by ghost hunters, the room did show evidence of paranormal activity. Room 502 is considered to be the scariest places inside the entire sanatorium. Another ghostly encounter is of a man who wears a coat that could be seen in the kitchen area. Those are only a few of the scary encounters inside the hospital.

There are also urban legends that said that there are over 63,000 deaths that occurred in this hospital. The highest number of death rates occurred during the end of the Second World War when the troops were coming from overseas with advanced stages of TB. There is also a “Death Tunnel” that most called “Body Chute” which is through the first floor.

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If you’re interested in a paranormal adventure then Waverly Hills Sanatorium might be the perfect place for you to visit. Make sure you bring along your friends so they too can experience everything this hospital has to offer. This haunted establishment offers tours and paranormal investigations which could be booked for reservations. Feeling adventurous? Waverly Hills Sanatorium could be the place to wake you up senseless.

The Richest Vegetarian Source of Iron


Like other minerals and nutrients, iron is just as vital for the human body. If you’re a vegetarian, it doesn’t exclude you from needing a certain amount of iron in your diet. Since vegetarians focus their diets more on fruits and vegetables, this element could be overlooked. But like any other component, this element is needed by the body just as much.

In this article find out about what the richest vegetarian source of iron is and also more interesting and vital facts about this element that you should know. This could be an eye-opener for many of those who might be lacking iron in their daily consumption of food.

What exactly is iron? Like other nutrients, it is just important for many functions of the body.  It is essential for the red blood cells forming and oxygen-carrying to the various tissues all throughout the body.

It boosts energy in the human body and makes people act as it provides stamina. This element has important functions that are tied in with hemoglobin because it is a carrier of oxygen from the lungs to the other body cells.

It plays a vital role in the growth and physical development of people especially children and teenagers. It is not only found in hemoglobin, it is also stored in the spleen, liver, bone marrow, and other tissues throughout the body.

When a person lacks this element, it has a big impact on the oxygen-carrying ability of the blood. Children with iron deficiency could show signs of discoloration, listlessness, disturbances in behavior, and impaired performance in cognitive activities. Come to think about it, there are many individuals today that lack this element because it is widely overlooked in the daily food intake. In the United States and Canada, about 20% of women and 3% of men are deficient in iron.

According to many studies, raw pumpkin seeds provide the highest daily recommendation for this said component.

It provides a good 30% of iron when raw and 15% if roasted. In comparison to the other nuts such as cashews and almonds, pumpkin seeds have a higher amount of it. The mentioned nuts only contain around 8 to 10% of daily needs. So it basically puts raw pumpkin seeds in the winning slot for the richest vegetarian with this element.

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If you want, pumpkin seeds could also be eaten as a quick snack and are available at your local health stores or grocery stores. You can also try blending them into a paste for a sandwich spread. It could be used in many recipes so that you can get the proper and right amount of it in your diet. Hopefully, since you know what the richest vegetarian source of iron is, you could use this information and incorporate it into your daily dietary needs for iron.

The Newest Country in the World


A land with its people will never be truly called a country until it has gained its independence. A country can only be called an independent country once it can stand on its own both politically and economically. A lot of so-called countries still suffer from political corruption and ailing economy but they are still able to continue governing the citizens. Most countries today are often able to govern with a number of laws as well as fend off incoming threats. As new political stances begin to emerge, new ideas are also formed. These ideals can in turn form a new country with its own government and laws. In recent times, there are a lot of countries that have gained independence from its previous government and has now gleamed with pride in calling themselves as independent countries.

The title for being the newest country in the world is South Sudan.

South Sudan or formally known as the Republic of South Sudan gained its independence on July 9, 2011. South Sudan is a landlocked country in the region of east-central Africa. Its capital city is Juba which is also its largest city but there are plans for changing the capital city from Juba to Ramciel in the future.

The history of South Sudan was filled with bloodshed and war. South Sudan, as well as the Republic of Sudan, was formerly under the Egyptian government but it gained independence in 1956. But, war soon broke out and the First Sudanese Civil War erupted. The South Sudan Autonomous Region was formed and while it stopped the Civil War from happening, a second civil war erupted in 1986. It soon ended with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005 and later autonomy was finally given to the state of South Sudan.

South Sudan was formally known as an independent country on July 9, 2011, after a signed referendum of over 98.83 percent vote. It is now a member of the United Nation as well as the African Union and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development.

A year later, South Sudan signed the Geneva Conventions in July 2012 which further solidified its stance as an independent nation capable of running a certain population.

Sudan is divided into ten states with three different regions including the Bahr el Ghazal, Equatoria, and Greater Upper Nile region.

Through its independence, South Sudan has slowly stabilized their means of education and livelihood. The official language of South Sudan is English but there are indigenous languages spoken as well. Christianity and Islam are the main religion of the country.

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South Sudan’s rich history has made it a stronger country than it was before. Now that it has a new government and backed up by different countries all over the world, the citizens of South Sudan will finally know peace and prosperity and live a life that is free from fear and harm. Although there is still a lot of work to do, granting South Sudan its independence became its first step in the right direction.

The Longest Time Spent Awake


Sleep is an important activity in our bodies. We sleep in order to recover from the stress both physically and emotionally. Sleeping helps the brain and body rest. When we sleep, the cells are at work. They slowly heal our body and hormones continue to work their miracle in growth and regeneration. Sleep is also a good stress reliever. When we sleep, our brain is placed into a state of subconsciousness but is still active enough to continue with the day to day work of the body.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder wherein people inflicted are not able to sleep no matter what they do. Sleeplessness or sleep deprivation can take its toll on the body. There will be times that the person who has not slept well can become very moody.

Other health issues include increased blood pressure and decreased pain threshold. But there is one certain person who has not slept for quite some time and is still able to perform naturally well.

Randy Gardner holds the record for having the longest time spent awake. He has spent 264.4 hours or 11 days without any sleep.

The previous record-holder was Tom Rounds of Honolulu spending 260 hours and 17 minutes without sleep. Randy Gardner was only 18 years old when he participated in a study that described the sleeplessness of a human body. The study was conducted by Stanford sleep researcher Dr. William C. Dement. The study itself accounted for the effects of sleep deprivation and the medical response of its effects.

The documented study broke through the sleep research community and provided huge amounts of facts and discoveries for the sleep research community to further their study with sleep.

As Gardner took the study, there were huge health effects that were associated with his sleep deprivation. There were serious cognitive and behavioral changes including moodiness and decreased concentration. On the fourth day of the experiment, Gardner was having a delusion and saw a street sign as a person. By the eleventh day though, he was asked to count down from 100 with 7 denomination but stopped at 65.

He claimed that he had forgotten what he was doing. By the time the experiment drew to a close, Gardner looks perfectly well and even spoke to a press conference regarding the documentation of the study.

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After the experiment, Gardner recovered his sleeping pattern and did not have any noticeable changes with his sleeping habits. He slept for 14 hours and 40 minutes after the experiment and later on spent 10 hours and 30 minutes after that. There were no significant changes after his experiments as well as no psychological effects were observed. It was also accounted for that Gardner has spent more time awake as well as others who have claimed to have broken his record. But, Gardner’s record for having the longest time spent awake has been documented extensively that there is no other record that has surpassed this amazing feat.

The Largest Walking Robot in the World


People have always been fascinated by robots. Robots are artificially made to help humans work faster while other robots have been known to entertain through theme parks and rides. Robots have become controversial because of their similarities to humans and animals. Some people think that robots would act like humans and would soon replace humans while others think that robots are innovation and would become the future of human technology. Indeed, robots have become helpful for humans.

Surgical operations are now done by robots in order to provide accurate incision and perform well even under pressure. Robots also help get better results. But, there is one robot that has stepped up from everything else. A robot that is able to walk with the help of radio controls and is the largest of them all.

Robots come in shape and sizes. Most of them are used in industries and medical procedures while others are used for recreational purposes. The largest walking robot does the latter and serves an entertaining purpose.

The record for being the largest walking robot in the world was created in February 2007, named Tradinno.

It was a dream by Germany’s Zollner Elektronik AG. Tradinno is a 51 feet robot dragon with a wingspan of 40 feet. It is powered by a 2.0 Diesel engine with 140 horsepower. It has 80 liters of stage blood and can also breathe fire.

The dragon itself has both hydraulic and electronic systems. It has nine separate controllers and 238 sensors so that it can determine the surrounding environment. The robot dragon walks on four legs which has 7 degrees of freedom so that the robotic creature will have a lifelike gait. The robot dragon was designed for artistic purposes and helps out carry an ancient tradition in Europe where dragons were sought in fantasy tales. But the direct inspiration for the robot dragon was the German folk play called Drachenstich which tells the tale of a dragon that invaded a town when its knights were about to go to war against rebels. Zollner Elektronik AG thought of enhancing the festival’s experience by creating a giant robot dragon so that it will be more believable. The town celebrates a yearly festival that spears the dragon and with the realistic robot dragon, the town can now reenact the spearing with a lifelike firebreathing dragon complete with stage blood for an added realism.

Tradinno is not the first dragon to take the stage during the festival but he is the first to be completely radio-controlled and fully able to perform. Previous dragons had mechanical frames that were powered by people doing work inside the dragon itself. With its major feat, Tradinno was awarded as the World’s Largest Walking Robot by Guinness World Record.

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Now, the time has come to brandish your shield and raise your swords as Tradinno is finally unleashed in this world. Geeks and heroes will surely want to experience Tradinno’s awesome feats.