The Smallest Car In The world

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Cars are essential in one’s life because they provide better means of transportation. A lot of companies are investing in the automobile industry.

They continuously research on the innovations and improvements that can be applied to vehicles. Models are being produced and classified in various ways.

They may be categorized based on the different body styles, capacity, colors, and sizes.

The smallest car on record to go into production is the Peel P50.

Three-Wheeled Micro Car

This is a three-wheeled micro car originally manufactured on the Isle of Man by Peel Engineering Company from 1962 to 1965.

The car’s dimensions are 54 inches long and 39 inches wide, with an unloaded weight of around 59 kilograms.

This car has no reverse gear. Instead, it has a handle at the rear portion which allows the car to be physically maneuvered when necessary. The car’s foot controls were that of the normal car type.

The hand lever was provided to start the engine. The chassis were constructed with welded tubular steel with bodies of glass reinforced plastic.

The vehicle has only one door, on the left side, for easy access. It also has a single wiper for cleaning the windscreen. There is only one head light for better illumination. The car has a capacity is capable of seating one adult and a shopping bag.

The single seat is constructed in hammock form over a steel tubular frame that occupies most of the interior space. The car is released in several standard colors like Daytona White, Dragon Red, and Dark Blue.

Smallest Car In The world

1963 Smallest Car

In 1963, the Peel Engineering Company produced only a limited number, 50 units, of the Peel P50 cars based on a prototype that was shorter, narrower, and with a single wheel at the front. Each unit was sold for about $2,200 USD.

Among these earlier produced cars, only 27 units are known to exist nowadays.

And as of March 2016, it is said that one unit was sold in an auction for a record of $176,000 USD.

In 2010, the company redesigned and remanufactured the Peel P50 car model. These new units were externally similar with the original units produced in 1963.

The only difference is with the mechanical specifications which include the suspension, the steering, and the drive-train. The new unit also has a fully functioning reverse gear for maneuvering.

The re-designed Peel P50 also comes in petrol and electric models. The petrol car units usually have a 49cc, four-stroke motors while the electric car units have an electric moped motor and gel batteries included.

Both of these cars can run with a speed of about 28 mph. They are now sold in retail at European countries only.

Latest developments showed additional revision in the Peel P50 production. There are three replica models initially available, namely Gas, Eco and Fun models.

These models were then reduced to two models, Gas and Electric. These vehicles are made to order by Micro Car Specialists, both for domestic and export markets.

What Do I Think ?

This car model, Peel P50, is definitely one of the best in the industry. They might be the smallest unit available but their capacity is comparable to other known models in the market.

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