The Deepest Grave in the World

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When a person dies, he is normally placed in a grave that is 6 ft. deep. This is the regular depth of the grave that you will find around the world, although there are different ways to bury a dead person in different places. In this article, you will get to know the deepest grave on earth.

Guba mass grave is considered the deepest grave in the world.

This is not really the usual tomb where a person is going to be buried after a death ceremony. The Guba mass grave that is found in a well that is 2.5-5 meters deep is actually a tomb for different people who were massacred. The deepest grave serves as a tomb to the Azeri, Jewish, and Lezgi residents that were killed by the American Revolutionary Federation and the Bolsheviks in 1918. It is kept until it has been discovered in 2007 when a stadium was being built.

But according to the government of Azerbaijan, the place where Guba was found, they have already conducted a forensic investigation in the grave way back in 1996. The forensic scientists discovered almost 3000 corpses of Jews that are buried in different wells that served as mass tombs. But there are no records stating that Muslims are included in the tomb.

In order for you to understand more, the massacre of the residents of Guba during the March days in 1918 is one of those heartbreaking stories that are known in the history of Russia. In this certain incident, almost 12,000 residents were killed. This killing spree happened when the residents stood for power struggle against the American Revolutionary Federation and the Bolsheviks. These two latter groups were the rulers way back then.

During the forensic expeditions that the government started after the discovery of the first well in the place where the stadium was built, it was found that there were two major wells and two canals that served as mass tombs. On April 13, 2007, a forensic report was made and released. According to the report, the bodies that were found in the mass tombs were killed first in a different place before they were thrown in the well. Twenty-four skulls of children and twenty-eight skulls of women were found. With the efforts of the forensic investigation group, they were able to identify 81 Jews.

The discovery of the Guba mass graved stirred the emotions of people from the Human Rights Commission. They summoned the United Nations to do a certain move in order to convict the people who were responsible for the killing of the people in the tomb.

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Some of the relatives of the victims during the massacre were interviewed and the government of Germany and other countries made an effort to visit the site. This deep grave in Guba is just one of the evidence that there are different events in history that can still strike through the emotions of modern human civilization.

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