The Longest Baseball Winning Streak Ever

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Have you ever wondered what could possibly be the longest baseball winning streak ever? If you have, then you are reading the article that will give you the answer to your question. The term “baseball winning steak” is defined as an uninterrupted number of games won consecutively. Although this world record was in the constant debate because of the “rules” in MLB (Major League Baseball), it is still named the longest winning streak in MLB history.

In major league baseball, it is said that back in 1916, the New York Giants holds the record for the longest baseball-winning play ever.

They won a whopping 26 games in a row but had a tie on September 18, 1916. Although the MLB (Major League Baseball) rules do not honor games that end with a tie, this is still the longest per se, if excluding that rule and following the definition of what a baseball winning streak really is.

The reason for the tie against the Pittsburg Pirates was because of the weather being too dark to play and /or because of the rain, which the game was never finished.

The Giants’ winning line began on September 7, 1916, and ended on September 30, 1916, during the second game with a doubleheader. All of the 16 games won by the New York Giants’ were played at their home field in the Polo Grounds. This team was also termed to be “streaky” in the sense that it has more than one winning and losing streak.

This team also had 17 streaks throughout their years and also had losing streaks along the way. During 1916, The Giant’s went 86-66 in that year and ranked fourth place in the National League. Even with those awarding plays, the team did not have a pitcher with at least 20 of those wins.

With the conflict being talked about, the record books still claim that the New York Giants’ holds the longest win streak in the history of the Major League of Baseball. The world-famous ball from the 1916 Giants’ 23rd consecutive win still lives today.

The photo below is the exact ball used in the game. The ball once belonged to George “Highpockets” Kelly, Hall of Famer. Written on the ball is the following, “From Game Sept. 27, 1916. Giants vs. St. L. Car. Score Making (sic) 23 Straight. Game played at Polo Grounds, New York. 23 Straight, Worlds Record.”

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Until this very day, this world record still hasn’t been broken. This is a very astonishing world record in the entire Major League of Baseball. If you didn’t have an idea of what team holds the longest baseball winning streak ever, now you do!

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