The Longest Running TV Series In The World

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From the time television was invented and introduced to the public, it has become the most powerful medium of communication for the general masses.

Even with social media and the internet, television sits high in the ranks of mass communication media as it is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to disseminate information.

Entertainment is one of the most boasted feature of television. When it comes to entertainment, nothing catches the hearts of many viewers more than watching series.

Many people follow TV series as a form of routine. They enjoy following the lives of the characters and playing the game of predicting the storyline. But most of all, watching these TV series is also a form of escape from the daily life.

This is why most people prefer long running television series. As it becomes a part of their daily routine, these series also become a part of the household.

The Longest Running TV Series In The World

The Simpsons

Springfield might as well be a real city (although there is one in Illinois), because The Simpsons family and friends have grown their roots in that little town and in many homes around the world.

This long running American animated sitcom series has been on air since the year 1989.

Running on its 27th season, The Simpsons is hailed as the longest running television series in the history of television series. With 596 episodes to date, this animated sitcom has tickled the hearts and minds of its many viewers and has become a part of many people’s regular lives.

Hats off to the executive producers of this successful television series: Al Jean, John Frink, Matt Groening, James L. Brooks, Sam Simon and Matt Selman.

The plot revolves around the Simpsons family, a regular middle-class American family who lives in a fictional American town. The series is known to depict satirical life of the modern working class.

What makes the series even more entertaining is because they guest some of the most popular stars and personalities – in animated form, of course.

Like your real people TV series, The Simpsons also have their constant actors and actresses, guests and those who somehow “extend” their contract in playing a role in the show.

The Simpsons Family

The story revolves around Homer Simpson and his family who lives a regular life in Springfield. Among the main characters are:

  • Homer Simpson
  • Marge Simpson – Bart’s wife
  • Bart Simpson – the oldest child of Homer and Marge
  • Lisa Simpson – the middle child of the Simpson family
  • Maggie Simpson – the youngest child of the Simpson family

There have also been and continues to have quite a number of secondary and tertiary characters that stay or come and go in The Simpsons.

There are many other television series that you are probably hooked on and you silently pray to the gods of entertainment to renew the seasons of these shows.

What Do I Think ?

As for Homer and the rest of The Simpsons family and cast, their antics and eye-opening realizations will be a big influence of today’s generations. We can only hope that the producers keep on producing more episodes and seasons.

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