The Most Expensive Domain Name Ever Sold In History

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Domain names can be as long, short, hard or simple as it can be. One thing to keep in mind is that it’s really affordable to maintain a domain regardless of the name.

The key to having a successful domain name is simplicity and it’s where you get your fan base from.

The only problem is that most simple and one word domain names have been acquired or used for a long time prior to anything.

Changing ownership can be allowed if the current proprietor of the domain will sell the domain name for a price of course. Some people don’t know is that domain names can sell for millions of money. The most expensive domain ever sold is insure .

Expensive Domain

It’s uncertain as who was the first proprietor of the insure website was but the domain name was bought for $16 Million back in 2009. is considered to be the world’s number one insurance website.

The site features several aspects and information related to the word insurance. The website’s key insurance aids include life insurance, health insurance, home insurance, car insurance and other types of insurance.

The site not only focuses on the aspect of insurance but also several services and plans attuned to the insurance of the consumer’s choice. The domain name was bought by a company named Quin Street.

The Most Expensive Domain Ever Sold In History

Quin Street

Quin Street It is an online marketing company based in Foster City, California in the US. This realm was founded back in 1999 by Brownwyn Syiek and Doug Valenti.

The company specialized in online marketing such as telecommunications and advertisements. They also offer services pertaining to promote several services such as educational, health, business and many more.

Quin Street was successful and earned millions during the first few years of its operations.

In 2006, it was dubbed as the eighth top advertiser spending at least millions of dollars in ads.

In 2009 was when this realm purchased for $16 million. In early 2013, it initially had $71.8 Million revenue for the past year alone and a total of $336.8 Million total revenue overall.

Other Expensive Domains Sold

There were other expensive selling domain sites and here’s just a few of them that made it in the top 10 list: ($14 million), ($9.99 million), ($9.5 million) and ($8.5 Million). was sold for $14 million back in 2010 ranking second.

What Do I Think ?

Domains that are getting bought for millions are usually domains that have relevant and simple names.

The aspect of selling these domains isn’t easy but the money is worth it.

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