The Most Expensive Laptop In The World

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Since laptops were invented and introduced to the world, its technological implications and benefits has spiralled into the betterment of society. True, desktops can do what most laptops can, but the same can be said the other way around.

For instance, you can take your laptop with you anywhere you go and still get to work on your deliverables.

This has shown much benefits to many companies who rely on computer technology to operate.

Having laptops allow people, employers and employees, to continue working even when they are not in the office. Not to mention the fresh ideas and mind one can get when they leave the enclosed office spaces for a few hours or days at a time. Laptops are convenient and easy to tag along.

Why use a laptop?

In today’s career and professional industry, having your own laptop is kind of a necessity.

If you are working on a corporate office, having your own laptop or the company giving you one is beneficial to both the employer and yourself. This way, you can gather fresh ideas anytime and anywhere you take the laptop with you.

If you work as a freelancer or you work from home, having a laptop is much more convenient than having a desktop. Most freelancers opt to using a laptop even though they spend much of their working time at home.

Using a laptop gives you an option to take it with you when you leave home or go on a trip or vacation. Although taking your vacation will be much ideal without work, some may choose to sneak a few productive hours before enjoying a long vacation. Laptops can make you become more productive.

The Million Dollar Laptop

Laptop prices range on the average, with the exception of Alienware and Macbooks which are quite pricey on their own.

It is surprising, however, that the most expensive laptop does not come from these two tech giants but from another retail company from London, Luvaglio.

The company introduced in 2007 a laptop that they named as the Luvaglio One Million Dollar Laptop, the most expensive laptop in the world.

The overly priced gadget boasts of 17-inch LED lit screen with an anti-reflective glare. It has 128 Gb of hard drive and integrated screen cleaning. It has the usual mp3 player, USB slots and a built-in Blu-ray driver. One feature is its jewel-encrusted power button which is also used as a security identification for the owner.

When Luvaglio announced this extravagant unit, photos of designs were released and were opened for pre-order. However, no actual pictures of the laptop were ever shared to the media and to this day, there is no recorded purchase of the device.

What Do I Think?

Although laptops have become such a great help to modern society, it has not totally taken over our basic necessity, so much so that one would invest in such a pricey laptop. There are a lot more brands and tech giants who sell laptops are average prices that can do what just about every laptop can do. Practicality over extravagance always.

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