The Most Expensive Photo in the World

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Photography is a gratifying hobby for many people – not only to those who do photography, but also to those who enjoy looking at photos of anyone, anything and anywhere. We see photographs all the time: when we drive around the city, when we sit at coffee shops, when we go through the internet and social media, and just about anywhere there are photographs to see and appreciate.

As they would say, taking a photo of something or someone immortalizes the moment.

One moment in time suspended in a photograph for life – it brings back memories, emotions and so many things.

Photography as an art is also often celebrated in many ways. There are hundreds of associations of photography enthusiasts who come together to share their photos for everyone’s appreciation.

Photography as a Business

As art exhibits would go, photographs are also often put up for exhibit as a showcase or business by many photographers and enthusiasts. In these events, photographs are auctioned and sold.

In some cases, the photographs are priced based on the extremity and degree of the photo. In some cases, it is priced based on the challenging way the photo was took. In some cases, the depth and emotional triggers of the photo determines the price.

In some other cases, the price is determined by the name of the photographer in the association. Some photographers have made quite a name in the industry for many reasons. Whatever the reasons are, it brings them into business and brings pleasure to the art enthusiasts.

The Most Expensive Photo

Speaking of photography art and business, some photographers make a decent living in selling their arts and photographs to art enthusiasts.

The price range can vary depending on the value of the piece, but most photographers are paid well especially since some art enthusiasts are in the elite class.

This is proven further by the most expensive photo ever sold in the market. Sold for $6.5 million, the photo is named “Phantom” taken by Peter Lik. The “Phantom” is a black and white image taken inside the Arizona Antelope Canyon. The image is of a white light dropping from the canyon ceiling and in a single, isolated spot that is focused in the photo.

Some would say that the photo is as simple as it is, some would find a deeper meaning to the photo. Either way, the photo has made its way to the selling shelf and was sold for millions of dollars.

What Do I Think

Your choice of art, as they would say, is an expression of your innermost desires and character.

In the art of photography, the photos that reach deep within us may vary, but it is one effective tool to make us appreciate art and life more.

The most expensive photo, “Phantom”, is more than just a photo. It is art, life and love all at once. As for photographer Peter Lik, apart from all the aspects that this chosen art is, photography has also made him a wealthy man.

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