The Most Famous Mass Murderer

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Mass murderers are often seen in horror movies. Serial killers tend to rack up the killings through which are then called mass murders. Mass murders only happen when six or more people have died in a single timespan but the same perpetrator. Throughout history, there have been countless mass murders but none is more well-known than the most famous mass murders of all time. This happens during the summer of 2011 in Norway.

Anders Behring Breivik is the most famous mass murderer of all time.

The 2011 Norway Attacks was one of the most famous mass murders of all time. It happened on the 22nd of July 2011 that claimed a total of 77 lives.

The 2011 Norway Attacks were two terrorist attacks against the government of Norway. The first attack happened around 3 in the afternoon when a bomb exploded at an office block near the office of the Prime Minister of Norway. The bomb was a mixture of fertilizer and fuel oil and was placed at the back of a car. The explosion instantly killed eight people and injured 209 people. 12 of them were seriously injured.

The second attack happened in less than 2 hours at a summer camp on the island of Utoya. The summer camp was organized by the youth division of the government. After the first attack happened, the lone gunman was dressed in a police uniform and showed the authorities false identification. Once he was able to get through, he opened fire at the participants of the summer camp and instantly killed 69 and injured 110. 55 of them were seriously injured.

The 69th victim died in the hospital two days after the massacre. Among those who died were friends of the Prime Minister as well as the stepbrother of the princess of Norway.

The news of the 2011 Norway Attacks spread like wildfire and many international organizations came to aid for the country. It was then discovered that it was Anders Behring Breivik that killed all those people during the 2011 Norway Attacks. He was arrested on Utoya Island and the authorities were able to charge him for both of the attacks. Breivik was able to procure the weapons that he needed to kill all those people through the internet after he failed to purchase the weapons in Prague.

The scene from the island was even more horrific as children and young adults were enjoying their summer camp. Breivik was able to murder both the organizer and the island hostess first and then gathered everyone and started shooting at them.

As bodies piled up, others fled to the swim across the lake but Breivik was able to shoot them down. Some pretended to be dead but Breivik came back to shoot them again.

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Some hid under large rocks and into a cave where it was only accessible by the water while others hid under lavatories. There was also an 11-year old boy who survived when Breivik told him he was too young to die while a 22-year-old man begged for his life. The youngest victim was a 14-year-old. The shooting at the summer camp lasted for nearly an hour after which the police were able to apprehend Breivik.

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