The Most Isolated Place in the World

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The Earth is a vast land and most humans have populated the land. Most of the land is now owned by man but there are still some places that are so remote that there are only a few people who have gone to these places. Some of them might be too remote that not even a plane or any mode of transportation can get to the location. There are also some that you could only visit at a specific time of the year in order to get a ride to get there.

Some of the most remote places on Earth include the Motuo County in China wherein it can only be accessed by a small suspension bridge aside from crossing the frozen parts of the Himalayas. There is also one town in Greenland that has a population of 500 people.

The town itself can only be accessed by boat in a specific three-month time frame before the sea freezes over. But, none is more remote and isolated than the most isolated place on Earth.

The most isolated place on Earth is Tristan de Cunha.

It is an island in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South Africa and South America. It is 1,700 miles away from the nearest land which is South Africa and some 2,000 miles away from South America. It is basically an island out of nowhere. But even with its isolation, Tristan de Cunha managed to have an interesting history given that almost it is difficult to get there in the first place.

Tristan de Cunha was discovered in 1506 by a Portuguese explorer only to be grabbed by the British. The British Army feared that the French might use it to hide Napoleon who was exiled to a nearby island called St. Helena. Soon, a small group of settlers began to live on the island in the 1800s and later on spawned what may have been the island’s largest population to date with only 271 people.

Most of the people living on the island are natives and direct descendants of the first people living on the island. The island has some television stations and can have access to the internet but the isolation has rendered it to have an underdeveloped infrastructure unlike other islands nearby. The jagged lands of the island make it impossible to build an airstrip for travel so the only way to access the island is through a boat.

One would have to travel hundreds of miles off the sea in order to reach the island. This led to a problem for transport ships to get to the island and ultimately, the only British transport ship to have access to the island was closed off. The only way anyone can gain access to the island is through a cargo vessel that passes by the island and a few deep-sea fishing boats.

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The isolation from civilization alone makes Tristan de Cunha a very interesting place hence making it one of the most remote places on Earth.

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