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After a week of stress and tiring work, most of the people wanted to spend at least a day or two to relax and unwind, some would go to see a movie, some would prefer a quiet and relaxing resort where everything they need from food, drinks, massage, clean air, and pampering are.  For sure a lot of people have pets at home, and there are people who love their pets so much that they even give them the same relaxation and pampering as their beloved companion.

No matter how expensive as long as their beloved animal is well-groomed and away from stress and bad habits, they would go for it. Some pet spa offers grooming services then all then they will go to another place to enroll their companions for training.

So here’s a pet spa that will give the companions everything they need to pamper themselves.  Below is the biggest pet health resort in the world that will surely make each companion lover dream of bringing their companions to. 

As of 2012, American Pet Spa and Resort was noted to be the biggest pet pampering facility in the world.

Owners Marty Polasko and Bob Williams based the development of their business on extensive attention that an animal could get from its owner who gives their loved animals extra love.

The facility is not just an ordinary pet spa but a resort just for pets. They offer a beach entrance doggie swimming pool for $99.99 for 10 swimming sessions. The facility is surrounded by nature and each dog room has a satellite TV in it plus climate control that can be set according to your companion’s natural temperature adjustment.

Daily recreational animal activities are conducted by certified professional dog trainers on-site as well as the animal groomers. They also have a pet boarding facility where you can choose either a small 4×4 bunk, 4×6 large bunk, or 8×8 luxury suite which is the most expensive. Each of these loved animals will have their personal bathing and grooming needs and their own private staff to take care of everything from bathing to grooming.

The Grooming service includes Shampooing, Conditioning, complete drying and brushing, nail cutting, ear cleaning, and applying pet cologne. Training of your companions will be conducted by a certified dog trainer and in house staff, Judy Estes certified by Animal Behavior College.

American Pet Spa and Resort has also been voted as the best place for dog grooming and boarding by the readers of News Connection because of their state of the art facility.

The best part of bringing your beloved animal to an American pet health resort is that the whole place is almost like a large ranch and the facilities are in different buildings. It is also surrounded by nature so it is more relaxing while watching your beloved pet enjoy the services.

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And of course, pampering the pets is a little expensive compared to human spa and resorts so if a person loves his pet that much and he can afford it, then there is nothing wrong with giving the pet the best pampering service that the both of them will never forget.

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