The Most Haunted Hospital in America

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All across America, there are several haunted hospitals that claim to be the scariest places on Earth. Many individuals have told their stories about their ghost encounters, ghostly photographs, videos, and unexplained phenomenon. For hospitals, this is no surprise, since almost every single day, a person takes their last breathe in some hospital somewhere. It could be possible that these hospitals have many souls still lurking within those facilities and have no idea which way to go.

You might know of a few hospitals across America that are haunted. But do you have any idea which is famously known for being the most haunted hospital in America? If you want to find out, continue reading this article so you yourself could visit this spooky attraction too.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium located in Louisville (Jefferson County), Kentucky is considered the most haunted hospital in America.

What exactly is a sanatorium? This is a different word that describes a medical establishment for individuals with long-term illnesses, typically associated with the treatment of tuberculosis. This facility opened back in 1910 and was a two-story hospital that could fit around 400 tuberculosis patients.

Early in the 1900s, Jefferson County had an outbreak of TB, also known as the “White Plague” which prompted the building of this hospital. The hospital then closed down in 1962 because of the use of an antibiotic drug called streptomycin that lowered the demand for Waverly Hills.

This sanatorium is famous for being the most haunted hospital in America and has been on television for the paranormal occurrences there. It has been featured on several television shows such as Ghost Adventures, VH1’s Celebrity Paranormal Project, Ghost Hunters, Scariest Places on Earth, and many others. The land that Waverly Hills is on was bought by Major Thomas H. Hars back in 1883 as a family home. Since Mr. Hays wanted his daughters to go to a school near, he opened a local school for them to attend. He then hired Lizzie Lee Harris as their teacher. Miss Harris was always fond of Walter Scott’s Waverley novels that she named the schoolhouse Waverley School.

Major Hays also liked the peaceful name that he named the entire property Waverly Hills. When the hospital was being built, the Board of Tuberculosis kept the name and there has always been a variation in the spelling of Waverly (“Waverley”).

There are a number of myths from this creepy sanatorium, one being the myth about a nurse that was either murdered or committed suicide in Room 502. When investigated by ghost hunters, the room did show evidence of paranormal activity. Room 502 is considered to be the scariest places inside the entire sanatorium. Another ghostly encounter is of a man who wears a coat that could be seen in the kitchen area. Those are only a few of the scary encounters inside the hospital.

There are also urban legends that said that there are over 63,000 deaths that occurred in this hospital. The highest number of death rates occurred during the end of the Second World War when the troops were coming from overseas with advanced stages of TB. There is also a “Death Tunnel” that most called “Body Chute” which is through the first floor.

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If you’re interested in a paranormal adventure then Waverly Hills Sanatorium might be the perfect place for you to visit. Make sure you bring along your friends so they too can experience everything this hospital has to offer. This haunted establishment offers tours and paranormal investigations which could be booked for reservations. Feeling adventurous? Waverly Hills Sanatorium could be the place to wake you up senseless.

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