The Deepest Hole in the World

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Men are naturally curious creatures who want to explore everything. This is the reason why there are different things that were created in the world that are not really necessary or needed in people’s existence. One of these things is the existence of the deepest hole in the world. This hole is not something that is naturally there before civilization started. The hole that we are talking about here is a result of the curiosity of the people or the explorers.

Kola Superdeep Borehole is the deepest hole in the whole world and it can be found in the Kola Peninsula, Russia.

On May 24, 1970, the drilling that aimed to explore the possibility to reach the deepest part of the earth began. The explorers used the Uralmash-4E and Uralmash-15000 drilling rig for the project. There are different boreholes that were created until one was able to reach 12,262 meters in 1989. This is considered to be the deepest hole that was drilled. And today, it is considered as the deepest point that was drilled by a man in the whole world.

The original aim of the project is to be able to drill down to 15,000 meters. In 1983, the drilling was able to reach down to 12,000 meters. This point was celebrated and they have decided to stop for a year in order to celebrate the event of being able to reach that point. During this period when the explorers rested, a certain section was twisted off.

This section is almost 5,000 meters. The drilling continued until they were able to reach 12,262 meters. But they were not able to continue with the drilling because of the change of the temperature. It is becoming hotter and hotter as they continually push down to the core. This problem is something that they have not expected. This is the reason why they have decided to stop the operation even when they did not reach their goal.

According to research, the Kola borehole was able to go through all the way to the Baltic continental crust. There are different things that the explorers were able to observe while they were digging down. First, they were able to find out that the depth of the earth is also one of the things that are affecting the transition of the rocks or the compounds that are found underneath the ground.

The water that is flowing underground fractured the rocks that you will be able to find at the bottom. When they continued to go on with the drilling, they were able to find out that the water that is coming out from the underground is boiling due to the hydrogen content that comes with it,

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The site where you can find the deepest hole in the world is now abandoned. Aside from the intolerable and dangerous temperature in the lower part of the ground near the core, the group that opened the project experienced money problems. This is the reason why they need to close the project in 2005.

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