The Country with Most Number of Internet Users in the World

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The internet has taken the world by storm from the day it was introduced to us. It’s no secret that the internet is a powerful and useful tool for every single person who uses it. This is why many countries and governments also make sure that their people are served with convenient and high-speed internet.

People use the internet for many reasons – business, pleasure, and other reasons that do not fall under those two categories.

It has become a basic necessity for some people, which is why it is easy for service providers to sell their services to the masses.

When it comes to internet users, which country has the most number of users to date? With the continuous growth of internet necessity and the information uploaded and downloaded, it is easy to track the most number of internet usage per country.


They do not only have the world’s largest population, currently at around 1.4 billion, but they also have the most number of internet users in the world. For good reason, the People’s Republic of China, having the largest population would also have the most number of people surfing the internet every day.

Estimated users is around 49.5% or 674 million of the total population of this great country, which has about 80 percent lead to the second country with the most number of internet users.

India, with only around 375 million users. The list goes further with the United States at the third spot, Brazil, and Japan on the fourth and fifth spots.

While we can say that the large population is the biggest contributing factor as to becoming a world record for internet users, there are also other factors considered on China’s internet usage. With its education and tourism at high levels, the internet plays a big role in these aspects.

Top Sites Visited in China

Surprisingly, social media and Google are not on top of the list of most visited sites in the Chinese internet server.

Among the top sites used in China are:

  • com – This website is a Chinese language search engine that is used more like how most of us utilize Google. has strong Chinese-language content which makes it easier for the citizens to browse the web.
  • com – This popular and massive website aims to be a one-stop online service for the Chinese people. The website offers a number of services from messaging, emails, search engines, and other information-sharing capacities.
  • com – is China’s own version of online shopping. This is where most Chinese online consumers surf and do their shopping, as it offers a wide range of products.

What Do I Think

If you rely on the internet for work and you spend at least eight hours on the internet every day – for work and any other reason – you are part of the millions of users that surf the massive world wide web every second.

It is true that the internet has become a regular part of our lives, and with the continuous growth in technology, it is easy to see that a strong and massive country like China has also made this useful tool a part of their lives.

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