The Most Expensive Ice Cream in the World

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Every time we finish a meal, it is almost always usual to look for something sweet and wash out the after taste or to freshen our mouth. Desserts come in many types, temperature and sweetness levels.

Some people like eating hot desserts, some like cold desserts. But the most common of all desserts and you can see in most restaurants and stores is ice cream.

Ice Cream as Dessert

People of all ages love ice cream. This is mostly because it has the perfect blend of sweetness which makes it an ideal dessert; softness which makes it easy to eat; and coolness which makes is perfect for a hot, sunny climate or even in cool climates.

You see many people in the streets licking a cone, kids in parks with ice cream in one hand, couples on dates ordering an ice cream after dinner – it is as popular as popularity can be.

Ice cream has evolved so much in many years that it does not only have different flavors and brands, but also different price levels.

There are the regular types then there are the really “expensive” types. What can you say about the ice cream that’s more than eight hundred bucks?

The Most Expensive Ice Cream in the World

The Black Diamond

As far as ice cream goes, the world’s most expensive ice cream is The Black Diamond which can be tasted in Dubai’s Scoopi Cafe. One scoop costs a whopping $817.

No, we’re not joking. This ice cream is very much real and for sale.

Too much? Let’s see what it’s made of. The Black Diamond’s flavor is exotic Madagascar vanilla, which is already an imported flavor for the cafe.

One scoop of The Black Diamond contains edible 23-carat gold flakes, Iranian saffron and topped with slices of black truffle. So really, you are eating gold with this ice cream.

This exponentially expensive dessert is served in a Versace bowl and spoon which the customers can take home. You will not go home empty handed and if you brag about eating the world’s most expensive ice cream, you have proof.

Who Has Tasted The Black Diamond?

As of yet, only two souls brave enough to pay this much for an ice cream scoop has ever tasted this overrated dessert since its introduction to the market.

This is mostly because ice cream sold in the surrounding areas of the shop costs no more than $4.

This does not faze Scoopi Cafe owner Zubin Doshi, as he believes that if not the interest in the taste, then extravagance will lead people to buy an ice cream that’s almost worth one high end gadget.

But hey, you’re eating gold. That’s awesome too, right?

What Do I Think ?

It may seem a little over the top but you have to admit, eating ice cream that is worth almost a thousand bucks is a high and mighty kind of status quo.

If given a chance, you will probably get yourself a scoop or two. That is, of course, if the ice cream is paid for, right? But for an ice cream of this worth to come out of your own pocket? Nah.

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