The Biggest Chocolate Bar In The World

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When you think about sweets and desserts, what almost instantly comes to mind are chocolates. This delicious and addictive sweetness is probably the most universal form of food when it comes to spoiling your sweet tooth.

Another great thing about chocolate is that you can have it on any form that you want: (1) cold chocolates in cakes, (2) room temperature chocolate bars, and (3) hot chocolate drinks.

It’s everywhere and very much obsessive that one can hardly resist.

What happens when the world’s largest chocolate bar – large enough to give you a lifetime supply – is created? Well, the world practically salivates for it.

Chocolate Overload

To celebrate their 100th birthday, Thorntons chocolate produced the largest chocolate bar recorded. With a promise to make people smile, Thorntons is a popular chocolate brand that sells all kinds of sweet and confectionery products.

Aside from chocolates, they also sell flowers, personalized gifts and other sweets that are made to make someone happy and full.

Thorntons started sharing their sweet confections in 1911, when they opened their first shop on Sheiffeld.

Joseph William Thornton gave his son, Normal, the keys to his shop and said “Make this the best sweet shop in town!”, which he did.

From then on, Thorntons became known for its delicious and sweet chocolates of different kinds. After a few years, many additions and flavors have been added which made it a continuously improving and getting-more-delicious product.

Easter eggs, toffee candies and personalized gifts are also among the many products that Thorntons is known for.

The Biggest Chocolate Bar In The World

How big was the biggest chocolate bar?

Commemorating their 100th anniversary and also joining the Chocolate Week festival, Thornton unveiled what would be the largest chocolate bar in the world.

Weighing more than six tons or 5,792.5 kilograms, this chocolate giant wowed the anticipating crowd with its size. (Previous record of largest chocolate was at 5,529 kg.)

A Thorntons’ employee who was a huge fan of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the one who came up with the idea to create a gigantic chocolate bar as a way to celebrate their birthday and Chocolate Week. Needless to say, the idea was great and very much successful.

After months of planning, it took 50 people to make this giant chocolate.

Measuring at four meters long and four meters wide, plus the six ton size, Thorntons broke the world record of creating the largest chocolate bar in the world.

The chocolate bar was eventually broken up and sold out to the waiting public who were more than delighted to have a taste of the world record chocolate bar and, of course, the delicious chocolate-y flavor that has the love and enthusiasm of Thorntons creations.

What Do I Think ?

Chocolates have been around since 1900 BC and have evolved so much since. Because of its ability to reproduce endorphins, chocolate is used in many ways, especially to woo and make someone happy.

So when the world’s largest chocolate was made and shared to everyone there, you can only bet there were many happy people.

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