The Strongest Coffee In The World

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Coffee is a well known, staple beverage for majority of adults and teens. This statement is well supported by the fact that you can see a coffee shop at almost every corner of every street that you go to.

People drink coffee more than just to boost the energy.

People drink coffee to hang out, to talk, to do business meetings, to spend time with your partner – like we said, it’s a staple beverage.

While most coffee shops compete on selling the tastiest coffee, and at a fair price as you may know, one particular coffee company takes this staple beverage to a whole new level.

A level that screams they are not the tastiest, not the most expensive or the cheapest, but the strongest coffee in the world. Strong enough for them to claim that this coffee is can “wake up the dead” (their words, not mine).

Death Wish Coffee is hailed as the world’s strongest coffee that is brewed with the strongest combination of coffee beans known as “Robusta” and an intricate process of roasting fills up a cup with 200 percent more caffeine than “Arabica”, the coffee bean used in most coffees.

This coffee is too strong that ads and flyers include large warning signs on them and bewares drinkers who are not caffeine-induced enough to try its force.

The Death Wish Coffee Company boasts of a careful and intricate way of roasting the coffee to give you that perfect blend of the strongest cup of brew in the planet.

The Strongest Coffee In The World

Death Wish Coffee

They say that if you wish to stay awake in the next 3 days or so, this is your perfect choice.

A regular cup of coffee contains 217mg of caffeine. Since Death Wish contains 200 percent more, you are more or less getting 651mg of caffeine ingested in your body in one cup.

A special set of brewing instructions is given to consumers so that they can get the perfect blend as advertised. The recommended ratio is 2 ½ tablespoons of coffee to a 6 fl. oz. water.

As it is repeatedly emphasized in the covers and ads, only those with strong caffeine tolerance should brave the spew of this potent brew.

Death Wish Coffee comes in several varieties that you can choose from, depending on your taste in coffee.

There the original blend, the K-Cup brewers on single serve capsules, the Valhalla Java Odinforce Blend and single serve Odinforce blends.

In a comparison made with other popular coffee brands based on caffeine contents per cup, McDonald’s contain 9.1 mg per fl. oz; Starbucks has 20.6 mg per fl. oz; and our Death Wish Coffee contains 54.2 mg per fl. oz. That comparison alone should give you the picture.

What Do I Think ?

You’ve heard about amusement park rides and horror rooms that are not for the faint of heart, but we bet this is the first time you’ve read about a coffee that is the same.

Death Wish Coffee, for those with heart problems or have low caffeine tolerance, is exactly that: a death wish. Care for a cup?

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