The Biggest Bank Heist in The World

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A bank robbery is a grave criminal offense that can merit an offender years of jail time. Everyone knows that robbery is a crime. People invest and save their money in the bank and robbery is taking money from these people, despite insurance claims.

A lot of criminals have already been put to justice that they may not continue with their evil ways anymore.

Nevertheless, we see many cases of robberies, successful and unsuccessful; happen all the time in many parts of the world.

In these cases, lives are sometimes lost and innocent individuals can get traumatized for life. Even as we put our trust in the authorities, there are unavoidable circumstances that can lead to a successful bank robbery, especially if these cases are well planned out and systematically studied for a while.

Robbers who don’t get caught? Well, they just become richer.

Bank Heists

If you have not witnessed an actual bank heists, you have probably seen one of those in movies.

It can happen in two ways – (1) a robbery that involves guns, hostages and violence, and (2) a robbery that involves intricate system hacking that does not include violence and only includes a set of tricky computer codes to transfer money from the bank to a bank account.

Either way, bank robbery is a federal crime and it is simply not right to steal other people’s money or possession.

Bank robbery is a crime in all parts of the world and basically, it is being done on almost the same mechanics. Guns, weapons, big and scary men on masks, hostage takings, etc.

It may seem like a scene from a movie but these things actually happen in real life, just like the one that happened in Banco Central in Fortaleza, Brazil.

The Biggest Bank Heist in The World

Biggest Bank Heist in History

The biggest banking heist in history happened in that very bank which is the central bank of Brazil.

Although it did not include guns or weapons and it certainly did not end in a police chase that much happens in a movie, the heist included an intricate amount of planning, executing and smart brains working together just like Ocean’s Eleven.

A gang of 6 – 10 robbers who were once a private landscaping company decided it was high time to get to the big money.

They dug a 256 ft long tunnel below the street, broke through the concrete in the bank, and stole $69.8 million on the weekend of August 6, 2005. If this was not a crime, it would be pretty impressive.

What Do I Think ?

Bank heist is a crime that serves the purpose of selfish minds only. As far as “money is the root of all evil” is concerned, this is an extremely evil crime against the bank, the authorities, the government and the innocent people who work hard to build up their bank and savings account.

We can only hope not to see any more bank robberies in the future. Should there be evil lurking around, we can also only hope that they get caught before they can play out their plans.

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