The Biggest Shopping Mall in the World

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Everyone loves shopping. Given the opportunity and the money, we all would grab a shopping cart and shop away anything that we want.

How convenient would it be to have all the things you want and need in one extremely large shopping mall?

That’s right. A one-stop shopping mall for all your family’s needs – from your partner, to your kids, even to your pets – malls have become a secret haven for anyone.

Whether you’re shopping for anything, just looking around, or browsing for the perfect gift to bring to a party, your best go-to place is a shopping mall.

For this reason, malls have been becoming bigger and bigger to cater to more brand outlets and give more options to customers.

Large shopping malls are popping out almost anywhere, to most people’s convenience. If we’re talking about large malls, one particular establishment stands out as the largest mall in the world.

Dubai Mall

Located in the UAE city known for its ultramodern architecture and designs, luxury shopping sprees and their popular nightlife.

Dubai Mall is hailed as The Biggest Shopping Mall in the Worldby total land area occupied.

With a 4,114 square kilometers, Dubai Mall is as big as 50 football fields combined.

This enormous shopping, dining and fun-filled structure opened in May 2008, developed and managed by Emaar Malls Group. With 1200 shop, a parking lot that can park 14000 cars, 250 luxury hotel rooms and an indoor aquarium, it’s not surprising this mall holds quite a world record.

Dubai Mall is one of the most visited landmarks and malls in the world as well.

As recorded, the number of visitors to drop by and shop has not dropped from 39 million since its opening, and with the most number of visitors recorded in 2014 with 80 million people.

The Biggest Shopping Mall in the World

Fun Facts about Dubai Mall

Here are some astonishing and fun facts about the world renowned mall:

  • The two hotels: The Address Downtown Dubai and The Address, Dubai Mall have two kilometres in between them and are two different hotels. Each hotel has an entrance going to the mall.
  • Dubai Mall can park 14000 cars. If the car park is full with an average of 4 people per car, that means the mall is packed with 56,000 people.

The mall has 1200 stores, and the pop up booths are not yet counted in that number.

  • The indoor aquarium glass panel alone weighs 2.4 million kilos.
  • To all the sweet tooth out there, Dubai Mall has the largest sweet shop.
  • In 2013, Dubai Mall announced that they will be doing an expansion. This means this gargantuan structure is going to get even bigger.

People enjoy going to malls because of the quick escape from reality and seeing all the extravagance in one place. From fashion finds to home necessities, each one becomes their own personal designer for their homes or their fashion style.

What Do I Think ?

No doubt, malls have become the modern recreational park, and Dubai Mall is one shopping mall that many of us would wish to shop from (even just window shopping).

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