The Youngest Billionaire In The World

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Many of us, if not all, dream of becoming a billionaire. Who doesn’t, right? Even if being a billionaire is not your ultimate dream, one way or another, it is part of the list.

With all the cliché of “money can’t buy happiness” and all that, the fact remains that money can definitely buy you things that can entertain you on so many levels.

For billionaires, money is a product of years and years of hard work, inheritance or even sheer luck.

Nevertheless, billionaires are billionaires and they have the money to keep the well-dressed, well-fed and well-entertained for the rest of their lives. Oh, the things we will do to be on that spot.

Billionaires Around the World

Being a billionaire is not as easy as one may think. It automatically puts you on the limelight and would require you to appear in many functions – despite the state of your social skills.

It also catapults you into fame, especially with magazines and news flashing your name every now and then as one of the richest people in the world. You security gets tightened and a bodyguard follows you everywhere you go.

Billionaires are already used to this kind of life, and because they also keep advisers in their staff, they know where and how to invest their assets.

This gives them more boost in the “money” department which makes the rich richer, as they would say.

Sometimes, young people make it to the list of billionaires and leaves the world in awe.

The Youngest Billionaire In The World

The World’s Youngest Billionaire

At the young age of 19, Alexandra Andresen became a billionaire which marked her as the youngest billionaire in the world.

With her investment company Ferd and as an heir to a family fortune of tobacco business, her net worth started at $1.2 billion at that age.

Alexandra just graduated from high school and as of the moment, does not seem to be in a hurry to meddle with the family business.

Instead, she spends her time collecting trophies from across Europe for a sport she shows promising talent with: horseback riding.

Her sister is one year older than her named Katharina, who is understandably the second youngest billionaire. Katharina is studying social science in Amsterdam University.

Both sisters own 42.2 percent shares of the private company and have owned it for quite a while. Even with the crazy wealth at such a young age, both sisters have surprisingly led simple lives in Norway, until recently when they were hailed as the youngest billionaires.

After getting some attention for their wealth, both sisters shared that their popularity ratings skyrocketed, starting with their Facebook friend requests.

The Ferd company was rooted from and owned originally by the sisters’ great-great-great grandfather, Johan Henrik Andresen in 1849.

What Do I Think ?

Becoming a billionaire may sometimes come out of inheritance or even luck, but it takes wisdom and knowledge of the “money world” to maintain that status. Being a billionaire is more than just having the money and having a pretty extravagant life. It’s all business, after all.

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