The Most Expensive Caviar in the World

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Eating is one of the essentials for a man to survive. People tend to look for new dishes to satisfy ones cravings and palate. Due to this demand, restaurants have been seen everywhere.

These may come in various forms offering several menus, from the simplest to the most extravagant ones, and from the cheapest to the most expensive options.

Luxurious Food

One of the most special and probably the most luxurious food known to mankind is the caviar. This delicacy is commonly consists of fish roe or eggs that are processed by curing with salt.

They may come in different kinds depending on the variety of fish that contributes to this treat.

Caviar is usually rated depending on several factors such as the size of the roe, the color of the roe, the texture of the roe, the maturity of the roe, and the method used in processing these roes.

Experts say that the finest kinds of caviar are the older eggs which are normally bigger in size and lighter in color.

The Russian Diamonds

The most expensive of all caviar is the Almas, which is a Russian term for diamonds.

This originated from the Iranian Beluga sturgeon fish which is around 60 to 100 years old. These luxurious caviar are very complex and rich in flavor.

They are produced under the traditional salting methods giving them a richer flavor, a more nutty and intense creamy taste.

The price per kilogram of the caviar is roughly $35,000.

To be able to acquire these precious Almas, one should go to few selected Caviar House & Prunier Stores. It will come in the most unique and classical presentation which is a metal container intricately bathed in 24-karat gold.

The Most Expensive Caviar in the World

Eating these unique treats may be done in several ways. It can be served alone in a glass. These should be served cold and if possible with ice at the base of the container to be able to maintain the correct temperature needed to preserve its wonderful taste.

It is not recommended to serve these treats in metal or silver containers. This is primarily to avoid the metallic taste that could possible affect the precious taste of the caviar.

These expensive treats can also be served toasted with a slice of bread or crackers. However, one should be careful not to crush any of the eggs to avoid ruining the caviar taste. Addition of butter or lemon juice is no longer required or needed if caviar will be served on toast.

It can also be served with a glass of champagne. However, others suggest to serve these caviar with a glass of iced vodka.

The taste of these good treats will surely compliment with the taste of the vodka.

Whatever is the preparation and the presentation of these caviar, it will still be a perfect hit for the palate of the one tasting it.

Bottom Line

With the knowledge of these treats, one should also be aware on ways to preserve and culture their origins. This is for the reason of saving the fishes that serves as sources for the great caviar.

Learn to propagate them, because sooner or later these species will be gone and the good tasting caviar will no longer be available for the future generation to know and taste.

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