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The voice is one of the most important things that can make you determine the person who is talking to you even when you do not see him. People have unique voices; this is one of the reasons why it is very easy for you to identify someone even when he or she is staying behind you. In this section, you will find information about the person with the deepest voice in the world.

Tim Storms, a US singer has the deepest voice in the world.

He can reach a note that is as low as g-7 or 0.189 Hz. His voice is so low in such a way that it is 8 octaves less than the lowest G that you would hear from a piano. This is very low and the singer himself cannot really hear it. But according to him, he can feel it and he can hear it from his head. This is something that is highly unique to individuals.

Another thing that is unique about Tim Storms is the widest vocal range that he has. It is very amazing that he can hit ten octaves. And not only that, but he is also the main person who is challenging his own record. Unofficially, he has set another record by achieving 12 octaves. This is something that Guinness World Records is yet to certify.

Tim Storms is from Waterloo, Indiana. He is not really born in the area; his root is from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is a Christian singer and he started his career when he was still young. When he graduated from high school, he started his career and he is able to make it to different singing groups in different instances after that. His career has continued to grow since then and he was able to determine his very special skill to get the lowest voice in the world.

During one of his concerts, he was able to meet a specialist for ear, nose, and throat. With this, he was able to learn the secret to his very impressive talent to reach the lowest voice. During an interview, he told reporters that the specialist told him about his vocal chord that is two times longer than what is normal. This is one thing that is highly regarded as special aside from his arytenoid muscles that are showing more movements around the vocal cords.

This very special and very low voice became the reason why Tim Storms was able to go up the ladder of fame and success in his singing career. He is constantly being invited to different concerts for different choral pieces.

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One of the most successful happenings in his life is when he was chosen in an international talent search to sing a piece entitled Tranquility. In this piece, he was able to hit low E. With his unique talent, he was able to make it thru Hollywood.

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