The Highest Earning City in the World

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Cities often have a lot of things to offer like job opportunities and a better future. This is why most people from the provinces tend to venture into the metropolitan area in hopes of landing a secured job that will help them with their financial problems. Cities earn through the taxes that workers and businessmen contribute. This way, they are also returned as public services like police security and streetlights just to name a few.

But, living in the metropolitan area can sometimes be difficult especially if you are below the poverty line. You earn cash that is enough for you to live by monthly which can be a little daunting if you want to save up for the future. However, there is one city in the world that offers the highest pay for people who want to work well making it one of the highest-earning cities in the world. Find out which is the highest-earning city in the world.

A city can be called a high earner if the workforce is able to come up with a high or above-average wage for a span of time or on a per hour basis. The highest-earning city in the world is none other than the Swiss financial center, Zurich.

People who work in Zurich tend to earn around $22.60 per hour in average net pay. That is more than twice the amount of dollars earned by someone from the US per hour or four times the amount of someone who works an eight-hour shift somewhere in Southeast Asia. Geneva takes the second spot for having $20.40 per hour.

This is because Zurich offers cheap prices for their employers to set up shop hence they are able to fund well into their business. This allows the city to thrive well with its business and the workers making people happy about their job and their lives. Although Zurich is not the highest-grossing pay, it is the highest earning of them all due to the fact that people are more likely satisfied with their earnings than other cities such as Copenhagen.

Copenhagen boasts the highest gross pay of them all with $32.80 per hour but the prices for food and other items are far more expensive than in Zurich.

This allows people to save more money for the future hence they are more satisfied with their earnings.

A study also differentiates this current status with Zurich with the living conditions of poorer countries like Mumbai or Jakarta.

One study showed that an average person in Zurich could buy an iPod nano with only 9 hours of work done while a person in Cairo would have to work around 105 hours in order to get the mp3 player he desires.

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All in all, the current state of finances in a certain country including taxes, pay, and the price of goods heavily affect the way people spend their money and how they save for future use. This study also determines how in need a certain city is with its taxes that it would normally take for one to be above the poverty line. With that, you can always tell if someone is happy living in the city even if they are just working a simple 8 or 9-hour shift by the way he spends his cash.

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