The Oldest Man-made Structure in the World

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Man has roamed the Earth’s surface for thousands of years and in that time, the man had built structures that are either to commemorate their belief or a simple place to stay. These structures have been known to be delicately built and have become known pieces of a masterpiece. From the pyramids of Egypt to the monuments in Maui, these manmade structures have been gazed upon by millions and millions of people all over the world due to its grand majestic nature.

In fact, these structures go back to the time when a man was still not able to write any record of it hence people today are not able to recognize some of the structures discovered today.

But, what they have discovered deep in the depths of the ocean have one specific purpose. It has led scientists to believe that it is the oldest man-made structure. Find out which is the oldest man-made structure.

Probably the oldest man-made structure cannot be found on the surface of the Earth. Instead, it is found in the depths of the ocean in Japan.

Just between the islands of Okinawa and Yonagumi there lies an ancient structure that has been known to be near twice the age of the great pyramids of Egypt.

If the pyramids were thought to be two thousand years old then the structure found beneath the depths of the ocean near Japan can reach up to four thousand years. The structure itself is a rectangular stone ziggurat that was discovered in March 1995. There are now eight separate locations that possess these structures from beneath the cold blue waters.

In 1996, another structure was discovered some 40 feet below the shores of Okinawa. It started a manhunt that led to the discovery of even more man-made structures that are scattered along the bottom of the ocean.

The structures are 600 feet wide and 90 feet high and are dated as far as 8000 BC. The oldest pyramid in Egypt was known to be built 5,000 years later.

This discovery meant that man was able to build gigantic infrastructures long before the Egyptians were able to. But, what boggled scientists was how these structures were built and how they were submerged in cold water all these times. Some scientists hypothesized that the structures lay on low lying ground hence the melting of the polar ice caps raised the sea level and drowned the structures.

Although most scientists believed that these structures were made by man, some of them believed it was a naturally occurring phenomenon. They hypothesized that these structures were simple erosion of the upper layer of the Earth’s surface.

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As of this time, scientists continue to study these structures and are slowly drawing to a conclusion that they are indeed man-made structures that were built thousands of years before. But, the real question is who made them when the people from the rest of the world were still foraging for food in the jungle.

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