The Most Ethnically Diverse Country in the World

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Humans inhabit the Earth’s surface and have been diversified into three major races. The Caucasians, the Orients, and the Africans are the three main races of human civilization. Throughout the history of mankind, all three races have flourished from different parts of the world and have conquered the Earth since then. As civilization grew, these races have interacted with each other and have gone on to live peacefully amongst each other.

This led to a blend of races that have bred new and exotic beauties amongst people. This is why we often see a lot of exotic beauties in different parts of the world.

With that, some countries usually welcome people from other races with open arms while others tend to focus on their own. This might come off as racist but ultimately, other countries do not have the massive influx of people from other colors living in their country whereas there are other countries that are ethnically diverse and have been known to live amongst each other in a peaceful manner. Find out which is the most ethnically diverse country on Earth.

The most ethnically diverse country in the world is Uganda.

Uganda has not been known to be racially or ethnically diverse and most of the time, Western countries usually come off as ethnically diverse countries. But, Uganda has surprised the world as the most ethnically diverse country.

According to a study by Harvard University’s Institute for Economic Research, Uganda has more than 40 different indigenous ethnic groups including the Iteso, Basoga, Banyankore, Baganda, and many others. All of these indigenous groups have their own language, cultures, and traditions that are different from each other.

The study that lasted a long 11 years proved all over the world that the East African country is the most diverse country in the world. On the other side of the spectrum, South Korea is the world’s most homogenous nation. This means that most of South Korea’s population is pure Koreans that do not have any mixture of blood and culture.

The study also proved a lot of misconceptions from all over the world. Long ago, it was believed that the US is one of the most culturally, ethnically, and racially diverse country but in fact, it is not. Canada is way more ethnically diverse than the US. Another surprise in the study proved that most European countries are also homogenous as well. Most European countries like the UK and France are the least ethnically diverse country on the planet.

According to the study, Africa is the most exposed when it comes to diversification of races. In fact, 20 of the most diverse nations all come from Africa.

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The study comes off after a recent study that claimed that the most racially intolerant people come from the developing world in which Bangladesh, Jordan, and India are the most racially intolerant. The study also shows that most Western countries are the most accepting countries when it comes to racial diversifications like UK, US, and Canada as well as Australia.

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