The Most Expensive Pet Fish In The World

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Did you have a pet goldfish when you were a kid? Many kids have fish for a pet and most parents agree to have one because these types of pet are the easiest to maintain.

For small and low maintenance types of pet fish, all you need is a fishbowl or a small aquarium, a water erator and fish pellets to feed your pet.

The rest is up to you – the design of the aquarium, the kinds of low maintenance fish that you would want to keep as pet.

Having fish as pet, as they say, has a calming and relaxing effect to your home. Their swimming around can help one have a sense of peace and relaxation.

This is also one of the reasons why you will see small aquariums and fishes in clinics and many offices. On the other hand, high maintenance fish may not be as easy-peasy to have as a pet.

High Maintenance Pet Fish

Many fish enthusiasts from around the world collect pet fish that are not only high maintenance in their quality of living, but also quite expensive when bought from the market.

Of course, most of these fresh water pet fish are bought from pet shops and only very rarely do pet fish owners catch the fish themselves, unless they breed it from the start.

Although most of these high maintenance fish are bought as an egg or new hatchlings, most of these fish have very high quality in terms of living.

For instance, large fish should be in large aquariums as well, where they can freely move around. The quality of the water, filtering and cleanliness should also be well maintained.

Some fish, like the arowana, feed on small worms as compared to the low maintenance pet fish that can be fed with fish pellets. For large fish, also like the arowana, it is strongly advisable to only have one of each kind in one aquarium.

Fish enthusiasts have more rules and routines on how to take care of high maintenance fish and it is indeed quite some work.

As far as high maintenance fish would go, one breed of arowana has taken the title of the most expensive pet fish. The Platinum Arowana, in its majestic stance, is now worth $400,000 in the market.

The price may sound unbelievable or absurd for a pet but looking at a Platinum Arowana swimming in its tank, one will understand why it is of great value.

For one, the Platinum Arowana is already quite rare. Also, the platinum color of the fish is a rare genetic mutation for this breed. The Platinum Arowana is also known as the Super Platinum White Dragon Fish.

What Do I Think ?

Any pet fish enthusiast from around the world would be very lucky and happy to have their own Platinum Arowana. This fish has a majestic and magical stance on itself as it swims around in its aquarium.

Truly rare and beautiful, the Platinum Arowana lives up to its name and value.

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