The Northernmost Point of Land on Earth

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Humans have lived on this planet for several thousand years now. During ancient times, human civilization was bound to a few kilometers from their own home. As the times change and civilizations grow, more and more people have reached different places and have established their own land. As countries are born and have claimed the land their own, boundaries were made and borders were drawn. These made countries have their own sovereign land. But, there are still explorers who are still searching for land to explore.

As explorers seek out different lands, you begin to think where does sovereignty end and where does the land of the unknown start? For some, human civilization’s reach ends when you leave the shore of the last land that has been conquered by humans. This means that the North and South Pole are the only places on this planet that have not been explored quite fully.

This also means that these are the places where civilization ends. As explorers begin to wonder, which place on Earth is the last stand for civilization on both the North and South end of the planet? Find out which is the northernmost point of land on Earth.

The northernmost point of land on Earth is the Kaffeklubben Island or the Coffee Club Island in Greenland.

It is a small island at the northernmost tip of the island. It is also where the last landmass you can see in the north. Once you set sail from the island, you can only see large masses of ice and icebergs. Kaffeklubben Island is just 713.5 kilometers away from the North Pole. The island itself is just a kilometer in length.

The island was discovered by American explorer Robert Peary in 1900 but it wasn’t until 1921 when a man was able to set foot on the northernmost point of land on Earth. Danish explorer Lauge Koch set foot on the island and named the frigid island its current name after the coffee club in Copenhagen. In 1969, a group of Canadian teams was able to calculate the distance between the island the northernmost tip of the planet.

The island also plays host to one of the few vegetation that also plays shelter to the northernmost flower in the world – the Purple Saxifrage. The flower blooms and grows throughout the small window of life during the summer season on the island. Once the cold sets in, the island is once again plunged into cold and ice.

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There have been other claims that the northernmost place on Earth is the several landmasses found just beyond the island but it has been rendered as unclassified and debunked since these landmasses are either just gravel formations or that they are most of the time submerged in frigid waters and rarely become a landmass itself. Hence, the island of Kaffeklubben has been declared as the northernmost point of land on Earth by scientists and explorers alike.

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