The Most Famous Murderer of All Time

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All throughout history there have been numerous murderers that have done morbid, brutal, and unexplainable acts to their victims. The reason they do these inhuman actions may be left questionable or is more on their psychological thinking. Whatever the reason for their killings, there are many serial killers that are famous for what they have done, and just by saying their name most individuals know exactly who they are. You’ve probably heard of some of these notorious murderers: Ted Bundy, one of the most frightening serial killers was a handsome young man who murdered many college women, The Zodiac Killer, still one of the world’s greatest unsolved cases, this mysterious man murdered a series of people while taunting the police with his ambiguity.

These are only a few famous murderers that are still known until today. But out of all those sinister murderers, there is one that is the most famous murderer of all time. The name alone may be familiar and terrifying to hear, but one thing is for sure, he is well-known.

The most famous murderer of all time is Jack the Ripper.

He was known for brutally murdering prostitutes back in 1888 in London. He was very notorious in the Whitechapel district and cause many people to panic during his time. The name actually originated in a letter that was written by someone claiming to be the real murderer and then it circulated all throughout the media.

Many believed that the letter was a hoax written by a journalist that had intentions to heighten the popularity of the story. Jack the Ripper also had other names such as “Leather Apron” and “the Whitechapel Murderer.”

The Ripper was known to prey on female prostitutes who made a living in the slums of London. He basically embodies the classic thriller serial killer of all time. Besides the name, the Ripper is popular because it is still an unsolved mystery that many investigators have tried to solve for hundreds of years.

The Ripper’s story has its “supernatural” characteristics because he was said to come out of the fog, kills brutally, and quickly disappears without a trace. He was known as The Legendary Killer of all time.

He was said to cut the throats of his victims before he proceeds to abdominal mutilation. Many believed that Jack the Ripper removed his victim’s internal organs because he somehow had surgical and anatomical knowledge.

His story and ruthless story were a big hit in the media especially in the newspapers, that is the reason his name, “Jack the Ripper” spread quickly. There were investigations into the series of gruesome murders in Whitechapel up until 1891 but they were unable to connect all those killings to the murders related to the Ripper, but the legend of Jack the Ripper only become more popular.

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With his increasing popularity, his legend became a mixture of folklore and historical research. He became so famous that there is such term as “Ripperology” which was used to describe and analyze his murder cases. Up until now, Jack the Ripper’s legend continue s to live on and his name alone frightens many individuals.

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