The Fastest Roller Coaster in the World

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Carnivals and amusement parks take place in many countries around the world. These places normally offer numerous fun activities for everyone to enjoy. Some of the most common activities include entertaining attractions, wonderful events, and amazing rides.

The amusement park rides are known to give fun and excitement to both children and adults.

These rides can come in many types such as circular rides, family rides, transportation rides, water rides, kiddie rides, extreme thrill rides and roller coasters.

Roller coasters are one of the amusement park’s main attractions. It may vary from the simplest to the most tremendously high tech machines. It involves a lot of curves drops, and inversions making the ride more exciting and fun for the riders.

The fastest roller coaster in the world is the Formula Rossa. This ride is one of the famous attractions of the Ferrari World found in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It has a speed of about 239 km/hr or 149 mph.

Initially, during the planning stage, this ride was called F1 Coaster. The famous roller coaster was designed by Blake Wright. It was then manufactured by Intamin. The ride officially opened for the public to enjoy on November 4, 2010.

This one of a kind roller coaster is a steel launched type of machine. It uses the lift system known as the hydraulic launch track which easily speeds up the acceleration in approximately 5 seconds.

The ride offers 52 meters high track with a shape inspired by the legendary Italian racetrack known as the Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

It also has 2070 meters long roller coaster track, which makes it the 6th longest steel roller coaster in the world.

The Formula Rossa gives riders one of the best adventures of their life. Riders will be able to experience the acceleration from approximately 1.7G’s to 4.8G’s of force throughout the whole roller coaster ride. One full ride will run for about 1 minute and 32 seconds.

The roller coaster usually has four trains, each of the trains have four cars. The train can carry a total of 16 riders. These riders are arranged two across in two rows.  One can ride any of the four trains as long as their height reaches 140 to 195 cm.

Because of the roller coasters high speed and acceleration, the riders are required to wear protective gears.

This includes a protective glass which is similarly used in skydiving. The protective measures are done to avoid the possible impact from any airborne particulates or any insects.

Many known personalities have tried and tested this famous ride in the Ferrari World. Some of the notable personalities include known Formula One drivers such as Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen, and Sebastian Vettel.

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With the fast growing technology and innovations, more machineries and alike are being developed and introduced. These creations greatly help mankind in many aspects including easier work management, better living mechanisms, and even more ways of fun and leisure. Whatever purpose these latest developments serve, the number one priority should always be the safety and the welfare of the people.

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