The Most Expensive Hotel Suite the World

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Vacation time does not only mean seeing new places and traveling to vacation spots. One thing to consider when you go on vacation is your hotel stay and accommodation. While price sometimes supersedes comfort, your comfort should also be a priority. After all, you are on vacation to relax.

You save money for your trip. You pack up your bags. You book your flight and hotel room. Some of us travel with a budget. Some of us travel in style. When it comes to grandiose, extravagant and overly expensive hotel accommodations, the Royal Penthouse Suite of the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva tops the list.

With a staggering £52,000 per night (or at around $80,000), Royal Penthouse Suite of the Hotel President Wilson is titled the most expensive hotel suite in the world.

Who Has Stayed in This Suite?

While one can say that it is unlikely, not to mention impractical, for someone to check in to a suite as expensive as this, there has been in fact a few people who have checked in.

Yes, we say “a few people” because there have only been a recorded few who were extravagant enough to book this suite.

Among them are Rihanna, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Tony Blair, Michael Jackson, and a number of VIPs. Quite impressive, really.

Why Does It Cost So Much?

Booking a £52,000 hotel suite should very well be inclusive of extravagant amenities and perks, what with its profligate price. Costing as much as an average house, one night in this hotel room should be worth the thousands and thousands of money.

What does the Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson have that it costs this much?

For starters, it takes up the entire eighth floor of the hotel which covers about 18,000 square feet, which is almost as wide as a massive mansion – and this is just a hotel room.

It has 12 bedrooms, all complete with grandiose amenities such as four posters beds, Hermes bath products, marble bathrooms, and a breathtaking panoramic view of the lake.

There are two master bedrooms with vast walk-in closets, Jacuzzi with a view of the lake, large flat-screen television, and a large, comfortable bed. It’s everyone’s dream home in a hotel room. Should we go on?

The staggering hotel room price comes with your own private chef, security team, and butler. Decorations such as vases and paintings are all chosen specifically for their uniqueness and value. The living room is complete with comfortable couches, an entertainment area, and all “rich and famous” amenities you can imagine.

Security-wise, if anyone is wealthy enough to afford a stay in this hotel, they should be well-protected.

The suite entrance and corridors are complete with surveillance cameras. Glass panels are bulletproof and entry doors are steel-lined.

What Do I Think

Well, if you’re someone who is wealthy enough to take care even of your great, great, great-grandchildren, then staying in this hotel is a fast food meal. For the rest of us mere mortals, we can only watch in awe as these people spend $80,000 a night just to take a beauty sleep.

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