The Longest Number One Song on the Billboard

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Music is the universal language that connects all of us. Even if you do not know the lyrics and whether you understand the words or not, it’s the tune that carries a song.

Some of us listen to a song because we feel the tune. Some of us listen to a song because the words hit us deep.

Some of us have a favorite song that we hit on repeat over and over.

Through your lifetime, you’ve probably heard of thousands of songs with different deep-seated or novelty meanings. You have heard many genre and you’ve probably liked some of it.

Some of us follow a certain genre. Some of us follow a band or artist. Some of us can listen to any type of music and still be happy about it. That’s just how we humans roll.

Number One Song

When it comes to your favorite song, no one can really judge you. You have your own reasons to like it, and whether these reasons are for public information or not, only you can feel the emotions that you do when the jam comes on.

So you make this your number one song and you listen to it repeatedly.

If someone else likes the song, they also listen to it over and over. Requests are made on the radio. YouTube likes continue to spike up. Hundreds, or thousands, of other listeners also approve of the song.

More requests come in. More viewers approve of the music video. The song goes up and up the charts and sits at number one.

On some occasions, if a particular song is really that good, the likers and requestors crowd just get bigger and bigger. Thus, a billboard hit is made and it is your duty as a fan to keep it there.

The Longest Number One Song on the Billboard

Longest Number One Song

The longest number one song, counted in weeks, to be on top of the billboard hits is the song “One Sweet Day” by the illustrious Mariah Carey and the popular group Boyz II Men.

Released in 1995 and written by Mariah Carey, Walter Afanasieff and the boys of Boyz II Men themselves, the song hit the top of the charts and stayed there for 16 weeks at the number one spot – the longest time for any song to be on that throne.

The song talks about love and taking the ones we love for granted, loss and having the chance to see them again in heaven.

Although the song revolves on that thought, it was actually inspired by those who suffer AIDS, which was a prevalent epidemic that time.

The song “One Sweet Day” talks about heartbreak, loss, letting go, moving on and being happy. It’s a full cycle of how to move on in life when faced with devastation.

Not only is the tune melodic and majestic that is captivates many people, the song is also an inspiration on how to deal with life.

What Do I Think ?

It’s like a package deal. The tune is good and the lyrics are great. No wonder it topped the charts for many weeks and is the longest number one song in the billboard.

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