The Most Babies Delivered at a Single Birth to Survive in the History

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Children are truly adorable and having one, two or three can be quite a fun riot for the family. From the nine months of pregnancy, to giving birth, to nurturing and growing these little humans, a mom and a dad are in constant emotional rollercoaster of happiness because of their children, and fear of losing them or even if they simply just get bruised.

Having kids is fun, even for the aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas. Kids running around and laughing can brighten the day and bring smiles to people.

It is no secret how painful childbirth can be. Thousands of books and millions of stories around the world will tell us the struggles of pregnancy and the pain of labor contractions, not to mention after you give birth whether through normal or caesarean section.

Nevertheless, all these struggles are turned into joy when the mom feels the first kick inside her tummy, and when the parents see their bundle of joy for the first time.

The Process of Childbirth

From the moment of conception to the time the baby comes out, the baby (or babies) grows all the human organs one by one inside the mother. By the first few weeks of pregnancy, the mother can undergo ultrasound to see if she will be having one, two or three babies. By the fifth month, the baby’s gender should already be visible.

When the baby is ready to come out, the mother goes through many physical changes on the day of childbirth alone.

The mother’s body prepares her for the labor process and the actual minute of childbirth. Labor contractions can be extremely painful and it may even take hours. The doctor should be able to determine whether the mother can go through normal delivery or caesarean section.

Most Babies Delivered

In January 26, 2009, Nadya Suleman from the USA made international headlines when she gave birth to a total of eight babies through caesarean section. She gave birth in Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Bellflower, California to two girls and six boys. Her babies were conceived via In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) which by then sparked a large discussion and controversy on the science of IVF and how it would affect the modern families.

Nadya Suleman is tagged as “octomom” by the media and she became internationally known after she gave birth to eight lovely babies.

After a week, the Suleman octuplets passed the worldwide survival rate of octuplets one week after their birth. Although there were controversies and debates regarding the technology-assisted reproductive process of their conception up to their birth, the eight children remain growing healthily up to this day.

What Do I Think

The Suleman octuplets are proof that, although assisted by science and technology, is nothing short of a miracle. They are also living proof that even if pregnancy and childbirth may present struggles especially for the mother, our modern world can give the mother all the help she needs to have a smooth and comfortable childbirth.

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