The Richest Fruit in Vitamin C

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You’ve probably heard countless times in your life, especially when growing up, that you should eat fruits that are rich in vitamin C. For some people, they might know the exact reason why it is vital for the body. But for a lot of other people, it is just something that should be included in the diet but they aren’t exactly sure why it is so important. Discover what the richest fruit in vitamin C is so you can consider eating that certain fruit. 

The question remains, what is the richest fruit in this element? Many people think it is the orange that is the richest in this element since this fruit is readily available at your local grocery store and easy to eat.

Although the orange does have a rich amount, it does not contain the most. According to many studies, Guava is the richest in this component.

The orange contains 70 mg of ascorbic acid as per average-sized. The guava contains a good 376 mg of ascorbic acid per 1 cup. Since the guava is not too easy to find around your grocery store, people don’t usually buy it for their source.

But if there is a chance to get your hands on guava, go ahead! The guava is lush with a tropical taste. It has 4x of the said element of orange and definitely gives off a very high, if not the highest source of ascorbic acid, and surely makes it the richest fruit.

It also commonly known as L-ascorbic acid and is an essential nutrient for our bodies. It is water-soluble and is easily excreted from the body when it is no longer needed. It is one of the most important elements in the body since it does have antioxidant properties. Besides that, it helps in fighting off cancer-causing radicals and is important to the immune system.

It is also beneficial in producing white blood cells and helps battle diseases. It is basically a predominant protective nutrient for our bodies. It also helps fight off cardiovascular diseases, joint diseases, and cancers as mentioned above.

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We all know lacking a certain component in the body is always has its negatives. With being deficient, a person could possibly get a disease called scurvy. In scurvy, a person may experience bleeding in the gums and also skin discoloration since there are ruptured blood vessels. Lacking it could also weaken a person’s immune system making them more susceptible to illnesses. A deficiency should also have an effect on the lining of the respiratory tract making a person more vulnerable to infections in the respiratory system and also other lung-related illnesses.

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