The Shortest Song In The World

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Have you listened to the music kids listen to these days? To say they are totally different from the types of songs and music released in the 70s and 80s is an understatement.

But then we work with what we have, right? With all the changes in society, technology and many other new factors, the music industry has also seen a lot of changes that, whether we like it or not, is actually here to stay (at least for now).

Anyway, we owe it to the variety of music and genre, and the creativity of the new artists that came up with these songs.

Every year, we listen to a new list of songs to top the charts. There are new rising artists that are introduced to the entertainment industry.

It also helps that there are a lot of reality show singing contests in many countries that allow us to discover more and more talents, some of which suit our tastes in music no matter how eccentric they may be.

Short Songs

Short songs are not exempted to the hype. Regardless of the length of song – a few seconds or more than several minutes – it’s the catchiness of the tune that sticks to the people’s heads.

Call it “last song syndrome”? It may seem like a funny reference but this “syndrome” actually helps boost these songs into popularity.

As for us listeners, even when we don’t really like the song that much, the tune gets stuck in our head and the rest, as they say, is history.

Shortest Song In The World

Guinness World Record: Shortest Song

With just a few months before the year ends, the music industry was taken by surprise when an odd genre hit the public eye and, for some reason, became viral worldwide.

It was given a little more boost when Justin Bieber recommended the song, when it went up the billboards top 100 hits.

The song we are talking about is no other than “PPAP” or Pen Pineapple Apple Pen – a 45-second song by Japanese comedian Piko-Taro. If you have not heard it yet, you have not missed much.

It’s a 45-second nonsense song about the singer having a pen, apple and pineapple.

Which when brought together becomes Pen Pineapple Apple Pen.

Think it’s crazy enough? Well, it is crazy enough to be in the Guinness World Record as the shortest song.

Also, the public saw their chance and grabbed it, with PPAP merchandise sold everywhere and mobile games downloaded. This new music sensation may be nonsense, but it took the world by storm.

The song may be ridiculous, but it’s the type of ridiculous that made it to the top of the charts and gained it a world record. Just what we need to get over from the last syndrome we had, the worldwide phenomenon of Gangnam Style by Psy.

What Do I Think ?

For now, we have Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen to keep us entertained. The song may seem bordering-annoying but you have to admit: it’s catchy and you have at least hummed it once.

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