The Most Expensive Fast Food In The World

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Fast food items are somewhat common and traditional. These are food items that can be easily prepared and served to hungry diners and those on the go.

Then again just because it’s a fast food item doesn’t mean it can’t make its way to other restaurants. French fries are fast food staples but it can be seen in other restaurants and fine dining places as a side dish.

The other common thing about these food items is that they are generally cheap and affordable. Just because they’re cheap and affordable doesn’t meant that they don’t taste good.

There is a large portion of these places that serve good quality food.

The most expensive fast food item in the world right now would have to be the hamburger. The most expensive one right now is the Douche Burger.

Burger Details

The meal is sold in the 666 Burger Truck in New York City. This was the love child of Chef Franz Aliquo. Franz describes it as “It consists of a f***ing burger filled and topped with rich people’s s*it” which is somewhat unorthodox but it shows confidence.

The burger sells around $666 which is attuned to the name of the store. The truck roams around the streets of New York selling this burger along with other items in their menu.

The Most Expensive Fast Food In The World

Ingredients and Contents

The meal itself is made up of several expensive ingredients and components. The beef patty itself is made from high quality Kobe beef which on its own sells for several hundred dollars.

The patty is covered with a gold leaf and topped with several expensive toppings. One of the toppings is foie gras which is also an expensive kind of duck liver.

Then there’s also caviar which is also an expensive kind of finger food in high end gatherings.

Caviar itself in normal terms is called as unborn fish eggs. Then added into the mix are poached lobster pieces, truffles and melted Gruyere cheese. Then it’s finished off with a kopi luwak barbecue sauce and Himalayan rock salt.

Other Expensive Burgers

The restaurant world also has its proclaimed expensive burger accessible to the people. Burger King a popular franchise hold’s one of the most expensive burgers in the world simply called “The Burger”.

 It sells for around $186 or £95 because this item can only be bought in West London’s Burger King branch.

The burger that ranks to be the second most expensive after the Douche Burger is the Le Burger Extravagant located in Serendipity New York.

It sells for $295 which consists of Japanese Wagyu Beef and other high end ingredients. And another one that couldn’t be miss is the Fleurburger 5000 is also notable because it sells for $75 which is actually cheap.

Then again there is an option to pay for $5,000 to get this meal but the wine is what makes it expensive. This meal is available in Fleur Las Vegas.

What Do I Think ?

Hamburgers are truly one of the staples in fast food. It’s pretty much easy to prepare and very affordable to buy. When you have people that are bold enough to sell such expensive items and there are those interested to buy it then you got a good business deal right there.

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