The Man with Most Wives In The World

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Marriage differs in many ways: by tradition, by country, by ceremony, by sexual preference, by financial reasons and a lot more variations. Through all this, marriage is basically a union between two individuals who wish to spend the rest of their lives together – or at least spend their lives together at that point. We all know that not all marriages are successful and some can even end tragically.

When a person marries, he/she is no longer a single person “per se”. The partner becomes another half that makes both of them whole.

One cannot go without the other; you are soul mates and all those cheesy cliché about married life.

As reality and society goes, some marriages can be a little tricky, especially when there is more than on party involved.

Multiple Marriages

Marriage is supposed to be a union between two individuals, and it continues to be for many cultures.

When one partner gets involved with another party – the third party, as it is most commonly known – society looks at this as a taboo act. Cheating, adultery – in come countries, the offender can get imprisoned because of this.

However, in some countries, cultures and traditions, a marriage is not specifically limited into two individuals only.

You have probably heard about this already. Religion, culture and tradition can be welcome factors to marry another when one is still married to someone. It’s an accepted act in some cultures, and it is even celebrated.

The Man with Most Wives In History

Most Number of Wives

Although we have biblical and historical records of kings and men with hundreds of wives, we have come to know the present day record holder of most number of wives.

Mohammed Bello Abubakar, now 92 years old, is legally married to a total of 86 women. He was sought after by women, as he has claimed, mainly because of his reputation for healing.

He is a former teacher and Muslim preacher. His massive family has been regarded by Islamic authorities in Nigeria as a cult, but Mr.

Bello Abubakar dismissed this and said that it is Allah who gives him strength to control 86 women. He also said that he considers the women who approach him as God’s way of telling him to just marry them.

Ganiat Bello Abubakar, one of the wives of Mr. Bello Abubakar, shared that she chose to marry the man despite being only one of many, because a man with 86 wives only shows that he knows how to take care of them all.

What Do I Think ?

Multiple marriages in accepted cultures would mean that the family becomes bigger and there are more extended family to come close with. Some cultures celebrate this and live for the joy of having a big family.

As long as the father – who is, in most cultures, known as the bread winner – can provide for the family. As long as the family continues to support each other and as long as there are no conflicts to arise, a large family is great to have.

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