The Most Expensive Pair of Shoes in the World

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Shoes are something that we wear every day in order to protect our feet. Shoes are also known for the heavy duty work purposes or they can simply be used for fashion and style.

Shoes are definitely in need since there are some areas that won’t allow you to enter if you’re only wearing slippers or sandals. Shoes can be very cheap or very expensive at the same time.

The expensive ones usually carry a brand name or designer-made. Since everything can have room for development, there are also shoes that are extremely expensive in terms of their price.

They may not be accessible and available for everyone but the prices for these shoes are insane and downright unbelievable.

Since 2006 the most expensive pair of shoes so far is Stuart Weitzman’s Rita Hayworth Heels. These shoes are priced at $3 million and that alone is a price not many people would want to pay for a pair of women’s shoes.

Creator and Wearer

The creator of this shoe was Stuart Weitzman. Stuart is a designer for an international shoe design company named under him.

Stuart was the son of Seymour Weitzman who owned a shoe factory back in 1950 located in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Even in 1960’s, Stuart was already designing shoes for his father’s brand named Mr. Seymour.

In 1965 after Seymour Weitzman died, Stuart and his brother Warren took over the company but sold it in 1972.

Stuart remained as a designer for the company and bought it back in 1994.

Stuart Weitzman

Seymour had his first noted pair of shoes in 2002 as he designed a $1 million one of a kind pair to one of the Oscar nominated celebrities.

In 2006 was where he had his breakthrough with his Stuart Weitzman’s Rita Hayworth Heels worn by singer Kathleen York.

In 2007, Stuart offered actress Diablo Cody to wear another one of his creations but Diablo humbly declined it.

The $3 Million Pair of Shoes

Kathleen York who wore the shoes was a successful screenwriter and Oscar nominated songwriter and recording artist. She had worked with a few musical tracks related to several Emmy Award winning series.

Perhaps her most successful work was the song In the Deep for the movie Crash. She wore the expensive shoe back in the 2006 Oscar Awards where she was nominated for the same work.

Shoe Details

These shoes were named after the late Rita Hayworth who was a dancer actress back in the early 1920’s until her death in 1987. The shoes are design in a simple way in which they appear as a satin open toe stiletto.

The shoe’s centerpieces are made up of various gemstones. The gemstones would include rubies, sapphires and diamonds. The gemstones belonged to several of Rita Hayworth’s earrings which she handed down to her daughter Princess Yasmin Aga Khan.

The shoe is also made up of two large 16 carat tanzanites that are hanging from the ankle straps along with shiny silver leather material.

What Do I Think ?

The shoe has been branded by experts and several publicists as the most expensive pair as of today. Despite the shoes being 7 years old, the title of most expensive shoes has yet to be replaced even with some of Stuart Weitzman’s recent works.

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