The Most Haunted Place in Asia

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Fear is a natural response and emotion for humans. It is so that fear is used in many ways: to make people follow orders, to stop kids from going out after dark, and of course, to tickle the mind and make you aware of your surroundings.

For years and years, haunted places have sprouted here and there around the world. There are castles, hospitals, houses, and other structures that were built many years ago, and the souls that have perished there still lurk inside these places. Behind these bone-chilling and hair-raising stories is where you will see a rich history and culture of a place.

If we’re talking about history and culture, Asia is one of the richest continents. Asia will not also be last in creepy stories and haunted places. Are you brave enough to read on?

Bhangarh Fort

Known as the Ghost City of India and the most haunted place in Asia, Bhangarh Fort is rich in history that started off as any other fort. Bhangarh town was established by King Bhagwant Das in 1573. The king established the town for his younger son, Madho Singh, who took residence in Bhangarh his entire life.

The famed fort is known for many tales and legends but one is most prevalent.

According to folklore, a great magician called Guru Balu Nath blessed the town during its construction and gave the condition that no structure should overshadow the magician’s residence.

The king’s riches and power clouded his judgment and created the Bhangarh Fort that overshadowed the great magician’s home.

As such, the town fell down on a curse. Since then, no construction would stand for long and everything eventually crumbled down. It is said that the remains of Guru Balu Nath are still buried under the rubble of the town.

What’s Going on in Bhangarh Fort?

The government has opened the town as a tourist destination and has been a popular tourist spot ever since, but with one important rule: no one is allowed to enter the premises before sunrise and after sunset.

The rule may be reasonable, as other museums and tourist spots also have operating hours. As it turns out, Bhangarh Fort is off-limits on specific hours to protect tourists from getting the scare of their lives.

According to local stories, ghosts are seen to freely roam Bhangarh Fort at night. Residents around the vicinity can hear bizarre noises coming from the forth. They would hear crying, pleas for help, screaming women and children, and many other blood-curdling noises.

People who have been brave enough to stay after dark has also seen shadows, apparitions, dance music of old times during festivals, and strange lights coming off from the fort.

It is said that whoever stayed the night will not be able to get out of the fort anymore and will forever be lost in the endless abyss.

What Do I Think

It is said that only the bravest souls can face fear in the eye. With all that is going on in the popular Bhangarh Fort, many have braved the blood-curdling experiences, but a lot more have chosen to sit on the sidelines and just listen to folklore. How about you? Would you dare?

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