The Largest Theme Park in the World

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Who does not love theme parks? Anyone can say that theme parks are cool and fun. Both the young and the old can find something to entertain them there. Families, couples, and even the single ones find theme parks amusing and stress-relieving. It brings out the child in us – the princesses, the cartoon characters, the many games. The rides are stomach-turning and not for the faint-hearted. Everything else is a picture of fantasy.

When we talk about theme parks, many famous names pop up on the list, and with good competition too. But if we narrow down to the largest theme park, we have Disneyland to take the throne.

Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park, or more popularly known as the Magic Kingdom, holds the title of being the largest theme park in the world. It is the first of the four Walt Disney World theme parks in Florida. Located in Bay Lake, Florida, Magic Kingdom opened its doors to the public on October 1, 1971, and has since brought joy to both young and old tourists.

Sitting in the middle of the vast kingdom and also the icon of this dreamy place is Cinderella’s castle. The kingdom’s well-known tagline, which many will agree, is “The Most Magical Place On Earth”.

Magic Kingdom Park Fun Facts

  • There is a man-made lake found in the Magic Kingdom and it is called the “Seven Seas Lagoon”. The soil that was removed from the ground to create the lake was used in the construction of the Magic Kingdom’s ground level, and although the tunnel system called the utilidor seems to be underground, it actually is the first level. It’s just that the Magic Kingdom was built on the second level.

The tallest building found in the Magic Kingdom, which also happens to be their iconic building, is the Cinderella Castle, standing at 189 feet.

  • The second tallest attraction is the Space Mountain at 183 feet.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean was not part of Magic Kingdom at first. This was because the “Imagineering” department of Disney World thought it would not click with the public due to Florida being in close proximity to the Caribbean. When they opened it two years after the opening, it became one of the most popular tourist attractions.
  • There is this Walt Disney World Railroad that still runs inside the great theme park. Complete with all the prowess steam-powered train, it actually is an authentic 1928 train that still runs on steam and gives you that vintage, 19th-century experience.

What Do I Think

Theme parks always give us that sense of playfulness and fun, brings out the child in us and gives us a touch of fantasy even for just a day or two. It’s no wonder why many people visit theme parks to bond with the family and even to de-stress. The magic becomes real and it is why we don’t want to leave.

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