The Most Unique Breed in the Cat Family

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Cats are typically small, fury and carnivorous animals belonging to class Mammalia. These cute little animals are also known to be man’s best friend, other than dogs. They are good human companions offering a very minimal care and maintenance.

These creatures love roaming, running, and playing around with people. Even the little children can play with cats due to their gentleness. Cats are also loyal and attention seeker animals that enjoys being cuddled and pet by their owners. Truly, adopting a cat is always a good idea.

Today, numerous cat breeds are widely available and named. These breeds vary in several ways depending on their characteristics and descriptions.

Some breeds are named based on their country of origin.

Some grouped cats based on their body types and features. Cats are also described depending on their coat length and patterns. These unique characteristics are carefully studied in order to properly group cats in their respective breeds.

One of the most unique cat breed is the hairless type known as Sphynx. This particular breed originated in Ontario, Canada. The Sphynx was developed through the process called selective breeding. This particular breed is not truly hairless but these cats only lack the coat or the fur. The whiskers of this type of cat may be full or broken, while others totally have no whiskers at all.

Their skin normally bears cat markings such as solid, point, or tabby. These breeds are warm to touch due to their lack of coat allowing for a more release of bodily heat.

Their normal lifespan ranges from 8 to 14 years.

The Sphynx are known to be affectionate and lovable. They are attention seekers who are always demanding for human attention. They are kid friendly allowing the kids to have a quality playtime with these cat breeds. These cats are intelligent and smart in nature. They are energetic and playful who loves to explore through climbing. The Sphynx are highly sociable making them more loved by humans.

Proper caring and maintenance of these cat breed should always be done to ensure a healthy and happy companions. It is necessary that these cats have a regular bathing schedule to prevent the build up of body oils in their skin.

Sphynx should be limited to exposure in the outdoors and sunlight to prevent developing sunburns and other skin damages.

They should also be given protection such as coats during cold weather to be able to conserve their body heat. Regular cleaning of the ears and the nails should be done to prevent build up of impurities and dirt. Overall, Sphynx usually requires more grooming rituals as compared to the other breed of cats.

The Sphynx breed may suffer from several diseases if not properly taken care of. Common diseases encountered by Sphynx include respiratory diseases due to lack of coat or fur, skin cancer if exposed for a longer period of time under the sun, higher rate of heart disease, and muscle dystrophy. These challenging diseases may be faced by this cat breed due to their uniqueness in nature.

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With the increasing number of animals being taken care of in the home, one should know the do’s and don’ts of petting animals. It is important to treat these house animals not only as a companion but also as a family. Be responsible enough for caring for these cute little creatures because they are gifts from Above.

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