The Oldest Movie In The World

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Movies are one of the most go-to forms of entertainment that we have today. It’s a recreation that is perfect for “alone” moments, for couples on a date, and for the whole family.

The film industry has made big bucks in producing movies of different genre and many of these movies have even reached box-office hits.

In a way, watching a movie is a sweet 2-hour escape from reality and we enjoy it so much because of the combination of talented artists, high-definition effects, new soundtracks, new and old stories, twists and plots and new genres that we love.

Some of us like to watch action movies, some like comedy, some like romance and some like a combination of each.

Movies in Our Lives

Movies have attained an entertainment role in our lives and each year, the developments and advancements made in the film industry does not disappoint.

Because of continuous improvement in the film industry, the movies produced are also continuously improving and getting better every year.

This make us even more excited and look forward to our next movie date.

We are quite thankful of the movie experiences that we get every time we enter that dark and large room with the big screen, but do we know exactly how “movies” started? No suprise, it has not always been that colorful and lengthy and full of effects (which all seem realistic, mind you). Once upon a time, movies have been short, simple, sweet and black and white.

The World’s Oldest Movie

The Oldest Movie In The World

The movie Roundhay Garden Scene, a short film created and shown in the year 1888, is considered to be the first ever film made using motion picture.

This is the first film shown to the public and started the film industry. Considering the technology back then, the movie took to an impressive 2 seconds and includes 24 frames.

The movie was shot by Louise Le Prince using single-lens camera which was also made in 1888. The scenery was taken in a garden which was located in Oakwood Garage Road, Roundhay, in Great Britain. It was believed to be filmed in October 14, 1888.

The film showed Adolphe Le Prince (as himself), Mrs. Sarah Whitley (as herself), Miss Harriet Hartley and Joseph Whitley.

They were walking around in circles while in garden, laughing to themselves while they stayed within the framed area of the camera.

Movies and films have become a regular part of our entertainment life nowadays and we are treated to excellent movie making by talented artists and directors.

More and more talented individuals are joining the film industry to deliver the best kind of entertainment to us.

Bottom Line

this, it is always good to look back and see how far we have come. Looking back into the first few years that big screen films were introduced to us, one can say that there has been a great improvement and advancement in how films are made.

Nevertheless, it all takes talent to produce and star in a movie, whether from the past or in the present.

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