The Smallest Island in the World

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The world is created with different islands in it. There are big ones and there are also those that are very small in a way that it cannot even hold a small house in it. In this section, you will find different information about the smallest island in the world. This island or islet is still considered to be part of the geography of the world even when it is very small.

Bishop Rock is considered the smallest island in the world.

This is located in the west of Cornwall. It is approximately four miles away from the Isles of Scilly. The part of the island that is exposed is approximately 46 meters by 16 meters. Aside from the fact that it is the smallest island, it was also able to get the title as the only small island with a building that is standing on it.

The Bishop Rock serves as a foundation for a lighthouse that serves as a guide to people who are traveling in the seas. There is a good reason why they built this lighthouse. The Scilly Isles are not really causing good fortune for people who are traveling in that part of the sea. There were times when the rocky islets are causing the wreckage of ships and of course causing the death of many people.

This unwanted part of the ocean became the reason why a British fleet sank and was destroyed in 1707. The problem is caused by the fact that there is no lighthouse near the area that can warn them about the rocky parts of the ocean. In order to avoid the dangers that can be caused by it, they build the lighthouse in Bishop Rock.

There are people who are pessimistic about the building of the lighthouse in this part of the ocean because the island is too small and it may not be able to hold the lighthouse. Another thing is the fact that the strong current may also become a reason for the destruction of the said building. However, they still pushed thru and they were able to build the lighthouse in the area.

The creation of the lighthouse is not really that easy because the workers have to go to the nearest island where they can rest at night and wait if the weather would permit them to work.

This continued until they were able to build the lighthouse that is very helpful and up until today, it is still a useful tool that people who are traveling in the ocean can still use.

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The lighthouse built on Bishop Rock is made of granite. Before they are using lamps for it and it is one of the things that also became a challenge to them. Today, there are generators already and it is very easy for people to see it. This may be a very small island but if you are going to compare it to other islands in the ocean, we can say that is indeed one of the most useful.

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