The Toughest Foot Race In The World

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Foot race is a popular event among many athletes who yearn for not only a medal but also adventure.

There are many adventure races around the globe held every year at different seasons and every year, hundreds of athletes sign up to join these events that vary from easy to are-you-serious difficult.

The most interesting thing about a foot race is that it requires more than just an endurance run. Sure, it involves a lot of running and if you want to win, you have to be fast.

But most people who sign up for these events do so to challenge themselves to finish the race than to actually win it. Although winning it would be an awesome bonus, not to mention the fame and sponsorship.

What happens in a foot race?

Basically, it’s a marathon and each contestant should be first and foremost, fast. There are, however, other important matters to consider when signing up in a foot race.

For example, a foot race can last as long as 6 days for more than 100 miles, in different weather or climate situations, with little reinforcement.

Therefore, each contestant should be prepared in terms of health. They should be able to calculate their body temperatures accurately, bring food and water that are enough but not too heavy to wear them down, and overall super prepared to survive the race. So it’s a race, but it cannot be just any race.

The Toughest Foot Race In The World

The Toughest Foot Race in the World

The Marathon des Sables is a marathon that runs a 251 km or 156 mile distance which lasts for six days. It is dubbed as the toughest foot race on the planet and takes place every year in the Southern Morocco, Sahara Dessert.

It is no easy feat but since it first started in 1986, hundreds of athletes, men and women alike, sign up for the event.

These athletes come from all over the world and train day in, day out to condition their body well-enough to endure the 6-day race.

The athletes carry their food and water supply with them as the race goes. Rest takes place at the end of each day where the athletes sleep in an open-sided tent, along with other runners.

Wake up call is at 6 o’clock in the morning every day, and you can only imagine how harder it becomes as each day passes, as each contender run the sandy dunes of the dessert.

Medical support and cut off times are always on standby, considering the gravity of the physical exertion that this race has, but taking any form of injection or IV can disqualify you from the race. Water is handed out at checkpoints too.

What Do I think ?

Completing the race with all of you still intact is already a great achievement celebrated by those who do.

The idea that you experienced what only a very selected few individuals who are healthy and strong enough get to experience is already exhilarating as it is. As far as foot races and marathons go, this is the most extreme.

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