The Youngest Computer Hacker in the World

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Hackers are usually techno-savvy people who aim to be mischievous with their innate talent. Hackers often get the pleasure of stealing personal information from their victims to their own advantage. Sometimes, hackers even crack codes that are supposedly vital to an organization like the government and sell them to people who want them. This can make hacking a very serious problem for those who want secrets to be kept.

Most of the time, hackers usually learn the art of hacking during their time at a computer school. No hacker knows how to hack by just instincts alone. They are either taught by a mentor or they learned it by themselves.

Most hackers are usually highly adept at the art of hacking when they reach the young adult stage since it is the prime years of their life when they need money or their skills are in full blossom. But, there are exemptions to the rule. There is one hacker who has hacked government and police files at a very young age. Find out who is the youngest computer hacker in the world.

A 12-year-old Canadian boy is the youngest computer hacker in the world.

The boy’s name remains anonymous for security reasons but he was guilty of a slew of computer hacking in a court in Quebec. He is also the youngest convicted hacker in the world.

The boy has admitted that he has hacked databases as well as performed DDoS attacks and website vandalism as well. The boy also shared the information on how to hack the websites with others, making him a very dangerous person to talk to. But, he also told the others that they needed to be careful or else they will get caught. But, he should have listened to his own advice.

Unfortunately for the boy, he did get caught while in the process of stealing information online. He was caught red-handed. He also proclaimed that he only did it because members of the group Anonymous gave him pirated video games in order to hack the chosen websites. The group has tapped the boy’s uncanny ability to be able to hack different websites for their own gain and left the boy on his own when he got caught.

The group Anonymous still spreads chaos in the cyber world as they continue to hack different websites depending on their whims while the boy is left to fend off for himself after being used by the group.

Now, the boy faces charges against the owners of the website and has been sued by them.

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Although the boy was simply a tool used by the group, the incident was not the only instance that a young boy was able to hack different websites. In 2000, a 15-year-old boy was able to take down eBay and Yahoo!. The boy spent 8 months in a youth rehab facility when he received job offers from providers after his rehab stint and started hacking different websites.

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