The Most Played Video Game in the World

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Most of us play video games to pass the time and entertain ourselves. As we go along, we find ourselves immersed in the game’s universe and mythology that often times we come back for more. There are a lot of critically acclaimed video games all over the world that have broken through the barriers set upon by its former titleholders. This year, what seemed to be an unknown game years ago has taken the title of the most played video game of all time.

The title for the most played video game in the world goes to League of Legends.

It has around 70 million listed players all over the world. And at one time, the game enjoyed almost 12 million players playing in a single day and over 32 million players logging in every month. The previous title holder was World of Warcraft hovering around 12 million subscribers all throughout the planet.

Now, this popular game has busted straight to the top. The game is enjoyed by players from more than 145 countries and some of them are skilled enough to join in competitive tournaments held in different regions all over the planet.

It also bills in more than 1 billion play hours in a single month for every month compared to Halo that has been enjoying 2 billion play hours since 2004. Statistics also show that almost 90 percent of the players of League of Legends are male and 80 percent of them are in the 18 to the 30-year-old category with 60 percent of which are either currently enrolled in college or have completed college.

The game is played with two teams of five. They pick different types of characters known as champions and battle it out in control of a map. A team can only win if they destroy the enemy camp. A single match can last between 30 to 40 minutes which players can enjoy due to its limited time and how quick games can run to start new ones. There are also other modes of the game that players can enjoy including 3 vs 3 maps, a single lane map, and a circular map.

This game hit the scene a couple of years ago and has never reached this high before. It basically went under the radar with more popular games such as World of Warcraft dominating the scene at first.

In a short span of time, League garnered a lot of following and players have become addicted to the game. Recently, the company that developed League of Legends – Riot Games has claimed a 3 million dollar prize pool for the entire scene for 2013.

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That is an additional one million dollars from the prize pool a year ago. This goes to show that the company supports the game very well and that the fans and players themselves have help led the game to earn its rightful spot as the world’s most enjoyed and played video game.

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