The Most Silent Place on Earth

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After a hard day’s work, we all want that peaceful silence inside the comfort of our own home. But sometimes, we do not get such luxury as we still need to be around people. Peace of mind is worth a million bucks for those who want to have a quiet time by themselves. This is why it is very advisable for everyone to take a bit of their time to be in a quiet place and isolate themselves from the world to reconnect with their soul.

Although searching for a quiet place can be a drastic measure, there is one place on Earth that can actually help you achieve such a feat. There is a place on Earth that is so quiet that you can actually hear your own heartbeat. Find out where is the most silent place on Earth.

The most silent place on Earth can be found in Minnesota’s Orfield Labs.

The laboratory contains an anechoic chamber that blocks out 99 percent of external sound. This makes it the quietest place on Earth. You can actually take the time to rest and let your mind wander around in the silence. But, the calm environment also has a price.

As the anechoic chamber filters out external sound, your mind becomes wrapped in a sensation that you are finally able to hear your thoughts. It is so quiet inside the chamber that you can actually hear your own heartbeat or your lungs expanding as you breathe, or even the gurgling sounds that your stomach makes when you are hungry. Inside the anechoic chamber, you are the one who is making the sound.

No other sound can come from outside the chamber hence it is only 99 percent soundproof. As your body begins to hear the different sounds it makes, your brain tries to distract itself hence you feel that you begin to hear noises that are not really there in the first place.

The anechoic chamber is a room that is specifically designed to absorb the reflections of sound and electromagnetic waves. In fact, anechoic chambers can be found inside your own home as well. The microwave oven is an anechoic chamber. Airplane hangars are also built to become anechoic chambers as well.

Most of the time, anechoic chambers are used to drown out sounds from outside so that people can record sounds that come from inside the chamber. Singers and music artists perform best when they are inside a semi-anechoic chamber.

What Do I Think

So, the next time you want to have some quiet time to yourself. You can head out to Minnesota and try the anechoic chamber at Orfield Labs. You will surely have a blast listening to your body but be aware of the auditory hallucinations that your brain might perceive as it is one of the side effects of prolonged exposure to the chamber. Although staying inside an anechoic chamber for a couple of minutes might do your soul some good but the longer you stay inside, the higher risk of becoming paranoid you get.

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