The Most Successful Music Girl Group in the World

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Music has given birth to different genres. Pop, jazz, rock, blues, and mellow have become the popular music genre these days. As music continues to evolve, there are several innovations that have pushed music to its greatness. Boy bands and girl bands have emerged to be the best possible iteration of music, especially during the 90s. But, these music groups have always been present since the 50s and 60s. The Beatles were very popular during the late 50s. The Supremes were at their height during the 70s. The BeeGees were swinging their way during the late 70s.

A girl group is a music group composed of talented girls. Most of the time, the girl group consists of dancers and singers all rolled into one huge group composed mostly of five members. Find out which is the most successful music girl group.

The Spice Girls were the most successful music girl group.

They were a British pop girl group that was formed in 1994. The Spice Girls consisted of Melanie Brown as Scary Spice, Emma Bunton as Baby Spice, Melanie Crisholm as Sporty Spice, Geri Halliwell as Ginger Spice, and Victoria Adams as Posh Spice. The group were signed under Virgin Records and released their first single Wanna Be in 1996.

The single took the world by storm and the Spice Girls world domination started. Their debut album sold more than 28 million copies all over the world.

This lifted them to be international icons as well as the best-selling album by a girl group. For the next few years, they then sold more than 80 million records worldwide in which made them the most successful British band since the Beatles.

After several years, they released another album which grossed further and they started earning almost $75 million every year. Under the management of Simon Fuller, the group became fashion icons as well with the iconic Union Jack dress by Ginger Spice.

Around 1998, the music group shocked the world when Ginger Spice decided to leave the group. After this, the girl group slowly declined but the fandom continued to support the endeavors of all five members.

All throughout the years, the Spice Girls continued to dominate the charts and after a decade, they were able to reunite in 2007 and started a world tour that sold out in each venue. By 2012, they reunited once again for the closing ceremony of the Olympics.

Later on, they reunite for the premiere of the Viva Forever The Musical which was based on their experience as a girl group all throughout the years.

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Throughout their successful years as a music group, they have released several albums, a movie which was a commercial success, and several television documentaries. They have become world icons with their monikers as well as brought a powerful message all over the world with their Girl Power attitude. Additionally, they have become sponsors of different products including Pepsi, Cadbury Chocolate, Tesco Supermarket, Playstation, Polaroid, Domino Sugar, and Impulse.

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