The Worst Genocide in History

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During World War II, the world has suffered a lot of deaths. War and idealism have torn the land and death has engulfed each and every country. No other war in the history of mankind had so much bloodshed that it affects almost all of the countries on Earth. In Europe, Germany rose to power and started a revolution against Jews and other countries. In Asia, Japan took this as an opportunity to rise up against their enemies and bombarded Pearl Harbor, and soon took over Asia. At this time, no one knew how to end the war and suffering as the death toll continues to rise.

But, there is one phenomenon during World War II that has haunted every man, woman, and child’s dream for decades to come. World War II is probably one of the worst wars in history as it has taken millions and millions of people’s lives in the process whether be it during the war itself, its effects such as hunger, or through genocide. Find out which was the worst genocide in the history of mankind.

The Holocaust is the worst genocide in history.

It has taken over six million Jews and more from other nationalities. The Holocaust was known as Shoah in Hebrew as a catastrophe. It was a program made by the Nazi Party under the rule of Adolf Hitler that all Jews were to be executed under the regime of the Third Reich and other German-occupied territories.

All in all a two-thirds of the Jewish people living in Europe at that time were either sent to prison camps and executed or slaughtered in an instant. By far, it is the worst genocide in history.

Some may argue the Holocaust has more than six million people killed because they only counted the Jews and not the Romani people, Soviets, prisoners of wars, Polish, and even homosexuals. If it were included, it would reach up to ten to eleven million people who were killed or murdered during the Holocaust.

The persecution started with the Nuremberg Laws of 1935. Concentration camps were built in order to house inmates as they were subjected to torture and labor until they die of exhaustion, hunger, or disease. When Germany rose to power and began the invasion, their reach also reached new heights. Many of the Jews scattered all over Europe were murdered through mass shootings. When Germany finally took hold of Europe, Jews were transported via freight train to prison camps or extermination camps. Along the way, they were either killed or tortured. If they survive, they would be killed in gas chambers anyway.

By 1944, Germany had become prolific in arresting and gathering Jews that they were able to ship them to a highly effective concentration camp called Auschwitz and were able to execute through gas chambers in as many as 8,000 inmates every day.

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As the war raged on, Allied Forces were able to subdue most of the concentration camps but more were built to comply with the incoming demands for slaughter. By the time the Allied Forces landed in France, the Soviets were also marching from the East and Italy was evicting German forces left and right. The Germans made an effort to conceal any evidence of what had happened inside these camps by either burning them down or dismantling the gas chambers and blowing up the crematoria. The mass graves were dug up and the corpses were burned. The remaining prisoners were ordered to plant crops in order to give false impressions that the prisoners were simply farming the lands. After months of the campaign, the last days of the Holocaust happened in January 1945 when the Soviets arrived at Auschwitz and discovered 60,000 prisoners marching out of the camp.

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