The Top Country with the Most Rape Cases in the World

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One of the worst crimes to be committed is rape. Rape happens when a man or a woman is forced to do a sexual activity that the person does not want to perform. By definition, rape is a type of sexual assault that involves forceful sexual intercourse which is initiated by one or more persons without any consent. Most of the time, rape is accompanied by violence and the victim is usually hurt physically.

The rape victim is also forced to keep the crime a secret for a while. There is also a study that most raped victims fall prey to someone who is close to them. In fact, there is a high percentage that the person committing the crime is a direct family member of the victim.

With that, rape cases are rampant and they need to be stopped. But there is one country in the world that has seen a worrying rise in rape cases and could be the top country with the most rape cases.

The country with the most rape cases is the United States.

99 percent of the recorded rape is done by men while the remaining 1 percent is done by women. In fact, 91 percent of the confirmed rape victims are women and 9 percent are men.

A survey was done by the National Violence Against Women revealed that 1 in every 6 women in the US and 1 in every 33 men have experienced completed or attempted rape some time in their life.

The average number of cases being reported in the US every year is only 89,000 cases. This is because 60 percent of the rape incidents never make it to the proper authorities. It is either due to fear of their own lives or blackmail that the victim fails to protect themselves from reporting the incident.

In the US, most of the rape cases happen in colleges and universities. Only 15 percent of the women actually reported being raped in college while the rest go unheard of. 47 percent of the time, the victim and the perpetrator happen to be drinking at the same time.

Most of the rape victims know the person who has done this to them and a total of 38 percent of the reported cases happen to be done by a friend or acquaintances while 26 percent of the time are strangers and 7 percent is done by a relative.

The shocking fact is that 30.9 percent of the rape incidents happen at the perpetrator’s home. This means that most of the victims are either close to the perpetrator or are tricked to get inside their homes to do the crime. Only 26.6 percent are done in the victim’s home while 7.2 percent is done at parties and 3.6 percent at outdoors.

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Although there are ways to avoid rape and that the authorities are doing their best to control the situation, the US still holds the massive amounts of victims that have reported rape. There is one other country though that holds the record for the most amounts of victims. Lesotho holds the most number of rape cases in a year and most of them are not even reported.

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